Growing up in Mauritius has been a great experience for my husband and myself. We love our island and its magnificent resources! We both have fond memories of our childhood. Our parents used to take us for picnics, walks and all kind of discoveries.


Le Mouchoir Rouge


This is why we decided to discover our island all over again with our son. We wanted to show him all the simple things that created some of the magic of our lives.

And along the way, why not share our different adventures so that you can also discover it with us!


View from Le Chamarel Restaurant


This website is still in its early stage. We will update as we discover more and more places, of course. On the pages, you’ll find places to see and visit. If you’d like to see something more specific or to add any information to an existing page. Don’t hesitate to contact us and leave us a message. We make sure to read every single one of them.

On our blog, you’ll find little stories from our adventures and fun facts about Mauritius. Feel free to show us you’ve been here by leaving a comment! You can also subscribe to our blog updates to receive them straight to your inbox and be notified when new places are added!

The map below is a great tool too if you want to find specific places, or see if there are things to see in a specific area. Click on the icons on the map to have more information about a place.


View Discover Mauritius Island in a larger map

How to make good use of the map:
You can navigate the map above directly from its window, but to be more efficient click on the link to see the larger map. Once you are on the larger map you can either use the sidebar on the left to find a particular place of interest to you or you can target an area and get a closer look by clicking twice. When you focus on one particular site, go to the deeper layers (double clicks again) to see where exactly it is located. Icons have been added by me, other information already exists on the map, but be careful as they are not always acurate. When you click on a location, you will find a link for more information about it. It can be useful to change the view of the map to satellite on the top right.


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