A little walk on Medine pathway

Prior to going to the beach for this very nice sundowner barbecue in Flic en Flac, we had decided, with some friends, to go for a little walk with the kids in the afternoon.

They wanted to ride their bikes, and because we wanted a safe place for them to do so, we went to the little walkway from Cascavelle to the Medine road.


Medine walkway


The afternoon was a little windy, just enough so that it was enjoyable.

We were in between two weather patterns: beautiful blue sky if you looked towards the west…


Medine walkway


…and dark stormy clouds if you looked towards the central plateau!


Medine walkway


Medine walkway


Luckily, apart for a few drops of rain that quickly went away, it was okay on the walkway.

We parked the car on the no through road next to the offices and took the bikes out.

First we went towards the Cascavelle Shopping complex.


Medine walkway


The dads did a little jog, followed by the kids on their bicycles, while the mums (yes, that means me!) strolled lazily behind while we chatted.

Closer to Cascavelle is an old lime kiln. It’s very nice that they kept it, even though it would need some work to be a little more in shape.


Medine walkway


On the way back we decided to venture a bit in the sugar cane fields. However, the children were not quite happy about that as it wasn’t as easy to pedal through the rocky paths, therefore we quickly went back to the walkway.


Medine walkway


This was a very nice little walk that we enjoyed thoroughly.

If you’re in need of fresh air on a Sunday afternoon, I completely recommend!


What about you? Have you been for a walk on this walkway before? Where do you like to go for a little afternoon stroll?


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