A little walk on the beach

Often, when we are in a new area or when we go to a new beach, we like to have a little walk by the water to see where we end up.

A nice little walk was the one we did when we went to the Flic en Flac beach in front of Villas Caroline hotel. Before going back home, we dropped everything in the car and took a little walk up to the Klondike hotel.


Walk on the beach: Villa Caroline - Klondike


It’s a quick walk if you go at a good pace, probably not even 5 minutes, but we were in strolling mode. Taking the time to take in the scenery and stopped a few times to look at some sea creatures.

The patch of grass you see in the photo above, was a bit annoying to cross as I didn’t have shoes on and there were a whole lot of little wild grass containing tiny little thorn like flowers that were tricky to dodge. There is an access at the back though (which I only saw when I was half way through!) and you can choose to use a little path that has been created by people walking there.

The darker green is a kind of creeping plant that is very common on the beach, with little purple flowers, called ‘Beach Morning glory’ or ‘Goat’s foot’ (Liane Batatran in french).


Walk on the beach


We stopped on a small jetty to watch the fish and observed fishermen a bit further away to see if they were actually catching any fish.




The children stopped to climb some big rocks and looked for little crabs.

Once in front of the Klondike, it became very windy. The beach landscape changes completely on the other side of the hotel.


Beach stretch going towards Albion


We didn’t go any further as the rest of the way, going towards Albion is a bit more rugged and the sea over there can be rough and sometimes even dangerous.

We spent a little time on the big patches of rocks watching the fishermen more closely… and then were on our way back.


Villa Caroline beach

What about you? Do you like to take little strolls on the beach and take the time to appreciate the scenery around you? Did you ever discover some nice places you were not aware of before? Share with us in the comments below.

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