Ants preparing for cyclone!


It is widely believed that animals have acute senses that allows them to predict that a catastrophe is impending!

For example, in the 2005 tsunami claiming 150,000 human lifes in a dozen different countries, few animals were reported dead. They seemed to know something was about to happen and fled to safety.

At the beginning of this month, we were on alert 3 here in Mauritius, as cyclone Giovanna was a threat to us although it was still far up north of the island.

I was checking the garden and veranda, with my husband, to secure furniture and plants when I noticed a colony of ants running from a hole in the wall to a plant carrying their eggs with them. So I thought it was quite interesting to see that they already sensed something was wrong whereas, if I didn’t know about the warning, I wouldn’t have guessed we had a cyclone nearby!



How about you? Did you ever experience a cyclone here in Mauritus or elsewhere? What was it like?


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