As dead as the dodo… may be not!


The dodo, extinct since the 17th century, has come back to life through a project of “Arts initiative” called ‘Les dodos débarquent’.


Dodo at the Caudan Waterfront


Various artists used their imagination to decorate and paint dodos using for inspiration historical or life events. Although they are 3 times bigger than the bird who once walked on our island, it brings them back to life, the time of an exposition, in a very creative way.

Dodos at the Caudan


I first saw them at the 200th anniversary of the 1810 naval battle of Grand Port. If you do some shopping at the Caudan Waterfront (up until the 2nd of April 2012), have a look at them in the different corridors.


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Have you seen the dodos? Which one do you like best?


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