Porlwi by light – A magical and magnificent experience

At the end of last year, a big ‘buzz’ was created in our capital city with the 3-day festival Porlwibylight.

We, of course, wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

So, up for some new discoveries, at the end of the afternoon of the first evening, we headed towards Port-Louis.

I was so enchanted by it all that I even came back the next day and nearly came again on the last day…

It was the most amazing experience and I was really impressed by the magnitude of it all.

Here is what we discovered.


La Place d’Armes

Walking through an illuminated ‘Place d’Armes’ immersed in the rhythms and beat of the music was captivating.


Porlwi by light


(Quite a contrast to the Place d’Armes we had discovered on a quiet Sunday!)

I was mesmerized by the light patterns in time with the music. The sound quality was excellent and contributed to the whole atmosphere (even if some young children did find it a little too loud…). Continue reading “Porlwi by light – A magical and magnificent experience”

Blue bottle jellyfish also known as ‘gratelle’

While visiting ‘Ile aux Cerfs’, I always like to go for a stroll on the more remote area of the island.

The beaches as you walk are just as magnificent and definitely less crowded.

During one of these promenade, I saw one of these lying on the beach.


Blue bottle jellyfish gratelle


It may look just like a piece of thin blue plastic at first glance, but is actually a blue bottle jellyfish. Continue reading “Blue bottle jellyfish also known as ‘gratelle’”

Dewa’s dholl puris

I’ve mentioned before that faratas are among my favorite street food.

Not very far behind though is the dholl puri, especially when they are freshly made, hot and melts in the mouth.

In fact, whenever I am in Curepipe and look for a quick lunch, I have noticed that I always tend to drift back towards Dewa’s snack restaurant.


Dewa's dholl puri and roti


Shall you be there at lunch time peak hours though, be prepared to wait as the queue can sometimes be a bit long.

Continue reading “Dewa’s dholl puris”

Lunch at the Tamarina hotel

As we didn’t have any specific plans that Sunday, on the spur of the moment, we phoned some friends and decided to go have lunch at the Tamarina hotel.

Just to be on the safe side, we phoned to make a reservation and were happy to hear that they could accommodate us as it was already a little late into the morning.

For the children, as it was a place we hadn’t taken them before, the short drive was full of excitement and an adventure in itself.

Even though the Tamarina Boutique hotel is found at the very end of Tamarin Bay, there is no road access leading to it from Tamarin. To reach it by car, you have to go out of Tamarin and back on the road leading to Casela. The entrance is easily noticeable as it is the only tared off road and is named accordingly.


Lunch at Tamarina hotel


I love the view of Rempart mountain from that road. I think that the angle we see it from is absolutely stunning. Continue reading “Lunch at the Tamarina hotel”

SUP on the river


Since we’ve bought our Stand Up Paddles (SUPs), we’ve put it to good use on many occasions.

My favorite is starting from La Preneuse beach and paddle along the coast while looking for signs of marine life and just appreciating the scenery.

When the sea is a little rough though, or if it is too windy (especially in winter), stand up paddling becomes a little more tricky on sea.

This is when we choose to go to the river rather. The easiest for us is to go to the one of Tamarin Bay.

Just like our afternoon by the river mouth, I always love gaining some new perspectives of a place I already know. Continue reading “SUP on the river”

“Les Goyaves” – My very first trail

Trail running has seen an exponential growth in Mauritius since it started, with the Royal Raid, ten years ago.

At the time, it was nearly the only offered “off road race” available. But since then many more trails have seen the day and the activity is become quite popular among professional runners, as well as amateur walkers and runners.

For a couple of years now, I have been welcoming my husband at the finishing line of some of his trail races and enjoying its festive and joyful atmosphere of these events. All the while silently wondering what it would be like to participate in such a race but not quite daring to go forward with it.

This year however I made the leap and participated in my very first trail: “The trail des Goyaves“.

I only did the short one, of 10 kms, and that is plenty enough for me! Continue reading ““Les Goyaves” – My very first trail”

Mauritius – Paradise for whom?

This post is somewhat longer and has a more serious ‘tone’ to it compared to my usual ones.

But I felt that this was a topic that I didn’t want to avoid. So if you don’t feel like a long, serious read, feel free to skip this one and as from the next post, we’ll be back to the usual light and feel good articles.

In the three years that I started Discover Mauritius, I’ve received many emails and messages from my readers. Up to now, all of them were either requests for further information or appreciation of the information they’ve already found on the website.

I can’t tell you how much these emails mean to me as writing this website is not my main activity and does require a lot of time and energy. I’m always grateful when someone takes the time to send in a line or two to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed reading it.

Here are some that I have received recently: Continue reading “Mauritius – Paradise for whom?”

Happy Rajah

One of my favorite Indian food restaurant on the island is the Happy Rajah restaurant in the Jumbo shopping center of Phoenix.

The restaurant in itself is a treat: finely decorated, beautiful colours and upscale furniture.


Happy Rajah restaurant


I also love the special attention to the fine little details, from the cutlery and accessories on the table or the sugar treat on the bar. Continue reading “Happy Rajah”

Low tide in Riambel

As a child, I remember scouting the sea to locate all kind of ‘bêbêtes’ (any form of animal life) it sheltered, just like we did when we were in Rodrigues.

Not very long ago, I was reminded of these fun days during a casual afternoon walk on the beach in Riambel at low tide as we encountered some of them.

It was also great to pass it on to the children and a good opportunity to remember and retell a whole lot of stories from the past!


Low tide in Riambel


All along we met children here and there gathering their own treasures or splashing about in the sea.

Continue reading “Low tide in Riambel”

Be Cosy apart hotel

Just like I did when I was at the Clos St Louis, as I had to go all the way to Trou aux Biches on a Saturday afternoon to present a topic for training purposes, I decided to align work and pleasure.

I had heard quite a lot of nice things about a place called Be Cosy in Trou aux Biches and thought I’d check for myself to see what it was like.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

I went straight over at the end of my presentation which was only a few minutes away.

It is actually quite easy to find on Trou aux Biches main road. You just need to drive up to the street lights with the police station on one side and the Souvenir restaurant on the other side. Coming from Pointe aux Piments turn right in the road opposite to the Trou aux Biches public beach. Look for the apart hotel’s logo on top of the building:


Be Cosy apart hotel


The apart hotel is right there in the corner, next to a couple of shops in the same building.


Be Cosy apart hotel


If you need any parking just turn right in the first road up to a guarded gate on your right and there is ample parking space. Continue reading “Be Cosy apart hotel”