On one of our walks at the beach with the children, we saw a big badam tree and stopped by to show them how to break the ‘badams’ and collect the almonds inside them.

They had lots of fun gathering the badams for us so that we could break them up.

When you choose the ones to break open, don’t use the yellowish fruits that have just fallen down as they are juicy and opening them gets too messy. Choose instead the ones that have been there a while and are dried out. Be careful that they haven’t been there too long though, they need to still be whole and clean or the almonds will be rotten inside.




Hold it on its side and hit it with a nice, heavy, rock. Don’t hit too many times or you’ll squash everything inside. Listen for the shell cracking open so that you know you can separate it with your hand.


Breaking 'badams'


Ta-dah! Here is the almond!!



Almond from badam fruit


Children usually like to eat them right there on the spot. And I must say I do too!!



Have you ever tasted those almonds? Do you like the taste of ‘badams’ almond? When was the last time you’ve eaten some? Share with us in the comments below.


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