During one of our trips on the higher plateau, I came across a little flower that was very familiar to me while I was growing up that I hadn’t seen for a while: the Balsam (or impatiens).




In Curepipe, where I grew up, they seemed to be around every corner. On the coast however, I haven’t seen them much. They must prefer colder and wetter weather.

As children we used to love looking for the seeds around the flowers as they would pop up with a tiny pressure of the fingers.


Balsamine seed


Balsamine seeds


Sometimes, when they were really ready, just touching them would pop them open.

We also loved sipping the flower’s nectar. It would only be a tiny drop really, but it was sweet and nice to the taste.


What about you? Did you ever ‘pop’ a balsamine seed? What other fun seeds did you like to play with? Leave us a comment below to let us know.


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