Big statue at Grand Bassin

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go pick some “goyaves de Chine” at Plaine Champagne. However, as we were nearing the end of the season, we didn’t find any. Or rather we found one, one lonely little yellow ‘goyave de chine’ that was not even in very good shape!


Goyave de Chine

Therefore, we decided to do some sight-seeing and made a few stops before getting back home.

We first stopped at the Alexandra Falls viewpoint for a little while, and then we went to see the 108 ft statue of Grand Bassin.

The Big statue of Grand Bassin


The road leading to Grand Bassin is quite impressive, especially after you’ve been through the narrow roads of Plaine Champagne. During festivities, I am sure it must be quite a different story with all the cars, kanwars and pilgrims from different parts of the island.


The road leading to Grand Bassin


The statue of Shiva is the first thing you see when you get close to Grand Bassin. I must say it is quite impressive from afar, and even more so when you are close to it.


108 ft statue of Shiva at Grand Bassin


The attention to details is amazing and you can feel the different textures as you look at it.


108 ft statue of Shiva at Grand Bassin


Details of the 108 ft statue of Shiva at Grand Bassin


108 ft statue at Grand Bassin


The statue is a faithful copy of the Shiva statue of the Sursagar lake in India. It apparently is the highest statue of Mauritius, and I think there might be a second statue joining this one soon as we could see structures on the other side of the road looking like the foundations for another one.

We didn’t go down to the lake this time… we’ll do that on another visit!



What about you? Have you seen the big shiva statue of Grand Bassin before? What are your thoughts about this huge statue? Share them with us in the comments below.


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