C beach club


A couple of months ago, on Mother’s Day, we decided to do something a little bit different and go spend the day and have some lunch at the C Beach Club, in Bel Ombre.


C Beach club


Not the greatest idea I must say, as there was a lot of wind and not many places to hide from it. It is often very windy in Winter in the South of the island. In addition there was an anti-cyclone nearby which made it a little bit worse. No luck!

Windy day at the C beach club


The C beach club is quite easy to find on the coastal road of Bel Ombre, beach side. I had made reservations prior to that Sunday.

At the entrance, we were welcomed by a nice gentleman who took our names and arranged the necessary payments for the day’s fee.

There was a very loud dance music at our arrival that I totally loved, but unfortunately (fortunately if you ask my parents…) it didn’t last very long. I guess it lasted the time of the aqua-gym lesson as there was some people doing exercises in the pool at that time.


C beach club pool


Before you settle in, you can go fetch some towels lent to you by the club for the day, that you have to return on departure.

On the beach, there are some nice big chairs and other facilities to settle down. You can also borrow kayaks and pedalos if you feel like having a round in the lagoon. Although, because of the wind, we didn’t go for those.


C beach club


C beach club


We did see some kite surf students that were quite happy of the windy day!


Kite surf


The kids had a blast! There are plenty of games and activities for kids of all ages. On the beach, there is a little jungle gym.


Kid's jungle gym at the C beach Club


There’s also a little closed area for younger children where they can bring trucks and toys (there are plenty provided by the club to play with) or ride their tricycles. Right next to that there’s a place with babyfoot, table tennis and other games as well as a little tv room with books and stuff.

I think that this area is usually supervised by one of the C Beach employees but I’m not too sure as the employee was only there from time to time.

The kids ate before us so that they could go back to play while we had lunch.


Kiddies lunch at C beach club


The food was quite nice although the service was a little slow. There were only about three other tables having lunch at the same time as us so not sure what took them so long, especially towards the end of the meal. I guess we were enjoying our time there, so we didn’t mind too much in the end.


Lunch at the C beach club


And even though the wind didn’t help, I really loved the place and the concept of the club and will definitely be back sometime in summer!


Practical information:

Address: Domaine de Bel Ombre, Mauritius

Tel: 605 5400

Email: info@cbeachclub.mu

Website: http://www.heritageresorts.mu/en/c-beach-club.html

Prices (updated September 2015):

Entrance: Rs 600 per adult & Rs 300 per child
Gives you access to the pool, the transats, towels, kayaks and pedalos.

Reservation: advised in summer


Have you been to the C beach club before? What was your experience like? Does that look like a place you’d like to go to?


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    1. Hi Iqbal
      You can see the prices in the post above. It’s Rs400 per person for the entrance and it gives you access to all their facilities for the day. The restaurant is not included in the price. To give you an idea of the prices at the restaurant, salads will cost around Rs 400 to Rs 500, sandwiches and paninis will cost around Rs 300 to Rs 400. This was of course at the time of my visit there in June 2012.

  1. hey hi. i have heard about the c beach club from my friends. and i have also seen the photos, it was very nice. so i want the details of couple entry rates. and eating and drinking rates.
    my mobile no – 07738036999.

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