Porlwi by light – A magical and magnificent experience

At the end of last year, a big ‘buzz’ was created in our capital city with the 3-day festival Porlwibylight.

We, of course, wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

So, up for some new discoveries, at the end of the afternoon of the first evening, we headed towards Port-Louis.

I was so enchanted by it all that I even came back the next day and nearly came again on the last day…

It was the most amazing experience and I was really impressed by the magnitude of it all.

Here is what we discovered.


La Place d’Armes

Walking through an illuminated ‘Place d’Armes’ immersed in the rhythms and beat of the music was captivating.


Porlwi by light


(Quite a contrast to the Place d’Armes we had discovered on a quiet Sunday!)

I was mesmerized by the light patterns in time with the music. The sound quality was excellent and contributed to the whole atmosphere (even if some young children did find it a little too loud…). Continue reading “Porlwi by light – A magical and magnificent experience”

Colourful houses

When I was young, it always surprised me to see so many colourful houses whenever we went for a drive somewhere.

One of the reason it surprised me I think is that I lived in a very conventional white house and couldn’t really understand why people would choose to live in a bright blue, pink or yellow house.

Having mostly conventional people around me didn’t help in understanding that either…

And then, about ten years ago, we went to Australia for a holiday and I couldn’t help notice that all the houses were nearly exactly the same. You looked at one, you’d seen them all.

And this made me realize that I quite liked the diversity of houses in Mauritius. Continue reading “Colourful houses”

Marie Reine de la Paix


This is a place I’ve driven past so many times, and yet one where I don’t stop at often enough.


Marie Reine de la Paix


Marie Reine de la Paix is an open church on the side of Signal mountain, where you have a beautiful panoramic view of Port-Louis.

If you want to reach the actual monument, prepare your feet for a fair amount of steps (82 if I believe the info I’ve found)! Continue reading “Marie Reine de la Paix”

Grand Baie La Croisette

When you come to Grand Baie from the highway, there is a new feature that you cannot miss: Grand Baie La Croisette.


Grand Baie La Croisette
Grand Baie La Croisette


On our visit to the Coin de Mire last year, we didn’t stop for a visit as the shopping complex had just opened and was not completely finished and operational yet.

At the end of the year, when we came back to the north, we decided to at least stop and see what it was like. Continue reading “Grand Baie La Croisette”

Port Louis on a quiet Sunday

Port-Louis is a town most people see during the week or on Saturdays.

At those times, it is a town bustling with activity where everyone is in a hurry. People are busy as they are either working or hurrying in and out of shops. Vendors and merchants are shouting everywhere to attract customers and long queues develop in front of various food outlets. Saturdays are no different as even if not many offices are open, shops still are and the horse races at the Champ de Mars attract a lot of people too.

On Sundays however, Port-Louis takes on a completely new face.


Place d'Armes in Port-Louis


No more cars and honking all over the place. Empty pavements, except for a few wandering tourists. No more rush… time ceases to exist and it is then possible to relax and cast a new look on this beautiful town. Continue reading “Port Louis on a quiet Sunday”

The Caudan Waterfront by day and by night

We don’t go to the Caudan Waterfront all that often.

However, when we do go there for some shopping, to grab something to eat or for a movie, it is a place I quite like as it’s always busy with people, without being too crowded.


Caudan by day


Being there during the day gives you a nice perspective on Port Louis…


The Caudan Waterfront


…and of the harbor. A couple of years ago we came to see the Chinese Festival celebration here and they had a boat race in the harbor that was quite entertaining. Continue reading “The Caudan Waterfront by day and by night”

La Pointe Koenig

‘La Pointe Koenig’ at the very end of ‘Les Salines Pilot’ in Rivière Noire is a place I knew well as a child as at the time it was privately owned and I had the opportunity to go there from time to time with my family.


La Tour Koenig


I really have fond memories of the place and some some weird ones too like seeing my first and only UFO! Well now as an adult I do think there’s probably some reasonable and logical explanation to the weird lights we saw that one night, but I still don’t have that explanation. As a child I just know that it scared the h*ll out of me! Continue reading “La Pointe Koenig”

Children’s playground of Port-Louis Waterfront


If you are spending part of the day in Port-Louis with kids and you need a little time to catch your breath and let them run around without being on their back too much, I really recommend that you stop at the playground on the Port-Louis Waterfront.


Children's playground


The playground is closed off, so you can let your child wander around without worrying too much. There isn’t any supervision though, so you have to go in with him to be able to make sure everything is going fine. Continue reading “Children’s playground of Port-Louis Waterfront”