SUP on the river


Since we’ve bought our Stand Up Paddles (SUPs), we’ve put it to good use on many occasions.

My favorite is starting from La Preneuse beach and paddle along the coast while looking for signs of marine life and just appreciating the scenery.

When the sea is a little rough though, or if it is too windy (especially in winter), stand up paddling becomes a little more tricky on sea.

This is when we choose to go to the river rather. The easiest for us is to go to the one of Tamarin Bay.

Just like our afternoon by the river mouth, I always love gaining some new perspectives of a place I already know. Continue reading “SUP on the river”

Low tide in Riambel

As a child, I remember scouting the sea to locate all kind of ‘bêbêtes’ (any form of animal life) it sheltered, just like we did when we were in Rodrigues.

Not very long ago, I was reminded of these fun days during a casual afternoon walk on the beach in Riambel at low tide as we encountered some of them.

It was also great to pass it on to the children and a good opportunity to remember and retell a whole lot of stories from the past!


Low tide in Riambel


All along we met children here and there gathering their own treasures or splashing about in the sea.

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On a deserted beach…


During one of our trips walking around the island, we discovered a beautiful and very quiet little beach we didn’t even know was there.


Beautiful little beach


Needless to say, we decided to come back one Sunday for a little barbecued lunch to enjoy the scenery.

This beach, close to Le Morne village, is not difficult to find. It is however a little out of the way, so if you don’t know it’s there you won’t necessarily try to get to it. Continue reading “On a deserted beach…”

Lunch at the Blue Marine hotel

A couple of week-ends ago, we decided to pick a destination at random and drive there.

We picked Cap Malheureux and were off to the north.

It allowed us to take the new motorway, which my husband hadn’t experienced yet by day. Quite a beautiful road in the mountains I must say.

Once in Cap Malheureux, we of course, stopped to take a photograph of the very famous little chapel of ‘Notre Dame Saint Auxiliaire’ with its bright red roof.


Chapelle Notre Dame Saint Auxiliaire


We then hesitated between going to one of the beaches and have a snack there or find a nice little hotel to have lunch. Continue reading “Lunch at the Blue Marine hotel”

A little walk on Medine pathway

Prior to going to the beach for this very nice sundowner barbecue in Flic en Flac, we had decided, with some friends, to go for a little walk with the kids in the afternoon.

They wanted to ride their bikes, and because we wanted a safe place for them to do so, we went to the little walkway from Cascavelle to the Medine road.


Medine walkway


The afternoon was a little windy, just enough so that it was enjoyable. Continue reading “A little walk on Medine pathway”

Marie Reine de la Paix


This is a place I’ve driven past so many times, and yet one where I don’t stop at often enough.


Marie Reine de la Paix


Marie Reine de la Paix is an open church on the side of Signal mountain, where you have a beautiful panoramic view of Port-Louis.

If you want to reach the actual monument, prepare your feet for a fair amount of steps (82 if I believe the info I’ve found)! Continue reading “Marie Reine de la Paix”

By the river mouth

As you might have guessed by now, Tamarin Bay is a beach that we very often go to.

Sometimes just to sit under the trees while the children play, to go for a walk on the beach up to the Tamarina beach club, or to swim in the waves.

One idle afternoon though, as we came to Tamarin Bay, we decided that instead of going by the beach as usual we would spend some time by the river.


By the river


We went up to ‘La Passe’ and walked back up.

Funny how just a slight shift in our usual ‘promenade’ gave us a completely different perspective of the area. We didn’t feel at the beach anymore. Continue reading “By the river mouth”

A little walk on the beach

Often, when we are in a new area or when we go to a new beach, we like to have a little walk by the water to see where we end up.

A nice little walk was the one we did when we went to the Flic en Flac beach in front of Villas Caroline hotel. Before going back home, we dropped everything in the car and took a little walk up to the Klondike hotel.


Walk on the beach: Villa Caroline - Klondike


It’s a quick walk if you go at a good pace, probably not even 5 minutes, but we were in strolling mode. Taking the time to take in the scenery and stopped a few times to look at some sea creatures. Continue reading “A little walk on the beach”

Family holidays in Rodrigues


Rodrigues island


Even though Rodrigues has now gained its autonomous status and even though this website is usually dedicated to Mauritius, I still feel that Rodrigues island is really a part of Mauritius, so I will share with you the holidays we had in Rodrigues a couple of months ago.

This was not my first visit to Rodrigues. I had been there many times in many different circumstances and every single time I have had the greatest time. I love the island’s authenticity as much as its landscapes and huge lagoons of crystal clear water.

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