Chinese dragon at London Supermarket

A couple of week-ends ago, there were two funny visitors at the London supermarket of Black River: Chinese dragons. They were celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival.


Chinese dragon


At first nothing much happened as the two ‘dragons’ sat there peacefully in front of the shop.

(I’ve been told that when two people operate these ‘dragons’, it is referred to as the ‘lion’ dance… but they definitely look more like dragons to me!)


Chinese dragon


Then, with the loud banging noise from the big drum, cymbals & gong (scaring off some of the smaller children), they started investing the premises.


Chinese dragon


The two ‘dragons’ went through the whole shop, the tills, the store area and the food outlet while amused tourist and excited children (and me) followed them around the alleys.

Lots of people were taking pictures and some had little red envelopes to put in their mouths. These envelopes are called ‘Foong Pao and contains money. They are given on special occasions and in this case, as a reward to the dance performers.
Chinese dragon


Chinese dragon


Chinese dragon


The two ‘dragons’ were accompanied by the music beat, dictating the rhythms of the dance.


Chinese dragon


Here is a little peak inside of one of the ‘dragons’ mouth…


Chinese dragon


Sometimes, when space allowed for it, they did some more elaborate movements.


Chinese dragon


It was a really fun half an hour and the visit finished outside with a bunch of fireworks going off.



I think that the dragon represents power, wealth and good luck and that the tradition to have them dancing around in the stores (or is it the fireworks going off?) is to scare away the evil spirits and all the bad luck with them so that the year to come is a good one.


What about you? Did you ever see a dragon dance? Where did you see it? What do you think it represents?


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  1. Bravo Priscille, j`admire beaucoup le travail que tu fais et je te félicite, quand tu as un nouveau projet laisse toujours savoir avant de le lancer, des fois je pourrais te faire avoir (si sa t`intéresse) des photos pour compléter ton reportage pour les dragons chinois j`ai une série de photos prise au Dodo Club avec les enfants habilles en petits chinois.

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