Chinese Wok

If you hadn’t guessed before, one of my favorite cuisine in Mauritius is Chinese. I shared with you the wonderful Dim Sums we had at Grand Ocean City a while back, and today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Curepipe.


Chinese Wok entrance


I spent my whole childhood in Curepipe, it is a town I know well, and although restaurants are opening and closing all the time, this one has been there since as far as I can remember.

So whenever I want to have a nice chinese meal when I am in Curepipe, I go to the Chinese Wok.


Chinese Wok


The entrance to the restaurant is on the Royal road, to the left of ‘La Mascotte’ shop. You have to go up some stairs and it is on the first floor.

The restaurant is cozy and has a warm atmosphere, where you feel at ease.


Chinese Wok restaurant in Curepipe


Everything on their menu is just wonderful.


Chinese Wok menus


When I’m with a friend, I usually like to order the Chinese noodles or the ‘bol renversé’ (here they don’t call it ‘chicken upside down‘!).

When we are a larger group though, what we like to do is to order some Chinese fried rice, and four or five different dishes. In this way, everyone can have a bit of everything.


Chinese Wok wonderful food!


Accompanied of course by a nice garlic sauce and the most wonderful crushed chilli!


Chinese Wok garlic sauce and crushed chili


I usually eat too much (well, yeah, I’m a bit greedy, when there’s food that I like…), but I also feel great about the wonderful meal I just had!


Practical information:

Address: 242, Royal Road, Curepipe

Tel: 676 1548 / 727 1548

Fax: 674 9257

Opening hours: Every day except on Sundays and public holidays. Lunch service as from 11:30am and dinner service as from 7pm.

Reservation: I have never needed a reservation before, but you might want to reserve if you are a big group or on Friday and Saturday evenings.


What about you? Have you eaten at the Chinese Wok before? What is your favorite Chinese restaurant? Share with us in the comments below.

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