Coconuts on the road!


Whenever you are close to a beach, it is not uncommon to come accross coconut vendors.

If you are thirsty, this is a good way to clench your thirst!


Coconuts sold on the streets on Mauritius


One coconut will cost you about Rs 30 to Rs 50.

You’ll need to ask the vendor if you want a coconut with cream or if you want it to be a bit firmer. He’ll choose one to your liking and cut the top part off.


Coconut vendor cutting the top off a coconut.


The vendors are usually very skilled at it and do it in no time! If you want to drink the coconut water, you can do so straight from the fruit with a straw.


Drinking straight from the coconut fruit with a straw.


Coconut water in bottle





Sometimes, you can also buy the coconut water they’ve collected from other coconuts. It is really at it’s best when it’s been chilled a little while in the fridge.





Once the water is finished, he will open it up so that you can eat the cream inside. Some vendors scoop them up for you and place it in a little plastic bag, while others will give you a little coconut spoon like piece so that you can scoop it up yourself.
 Scooping coconut cream

Funny thing is, I don’t like coconuts!!! But the water and cream, I really do like! Although, I do prefer it a little creamier than above…


How about you? Tell us about your experience. What kind of fruit vendors can you find close to your area?


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  1. I have enjoyed reading the information on Mauritian fruits but it would have been more informative and enjoyable if season for each fruit is included-e.g. When can I expect a specific fruit of choice. This will enable one to plan a holiday according availability to that fruit.

    1. Hi Salim. Thank you for your comment. Coconuts can be found pretty much all year round. I will see where I can edit other posts on fruits to make them more helpful to readers.

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