Colourful houses

When I was young, it always surprised me to see so many colourful houses whenever we went for a drive somewhere.

One of the reason it surprised me I think is that I lived in a very conventional white house and couldn’t really understand why people would choose to live in a bright blue, pink or yellow house.

Having mostly conventional people around me didn’t help in understanding that either…

And then, about ten years ago, we went to Australia for a holiday and I couldn’t help notice that all the houses were nearly exactly the same. You looked at one, you’d seen them all.

And this made me realize that I quite liked the diversity of houses in Mauritius.

I still probably wouldn’t live in a brightly coloured one, but I love that others can choose to.

Because, for me, this is a reflection of what Mauritius is about: it is about being so diverse and different in our cultures and choices, and yet being able to live together even though others choose differently from us.

Here is a little selection of some colourful houses I met along the way:



A yellow colored house in Mauritius

A yellow colored house in Mauritius


A blue colored house in Mauritius

A white and blue house in Mauritius


A green colored house in Mauritius.

A green colored house in Mauritius


A red colored house in Mauritius


 A pink house in Mauritius


A pink colored house in Mauritius


What about you? Do you live in a ‘conventional’ white house or is your house a colorful one? How do you like the colorful ones you encounter along the way?


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