Coming to Mauritius check-list

Last year has been full of discoveries and visits for us to different places in Mauritius.

Being a very organized person, and at the same time being quite a ‘space queen’ who easily forgets things everywhere she goes… every-time I go away for a week-end, a fortnight or more, I rely heavily on my check-list to make sure I have everything I need.

I used it when we went to La Vieille Cheminée as well as for our long week-end at Le Coin de Mire. I also used it for our trip to Rodrigues.

It is really helpful for me. And as I know that in our busy world people don’t always have time to come up with a full list of their own, I thought I’d make you one that will help you prepare your suitcase as smoothly as possible.

This is my gift to you!

Just right click the image below and ‘save file as’ or ‘save link as’ to download it to your computer.


Coming to Mauritius Checklist


As you prepare for your trip to Mauritius or even for a short visit on the island, print it out and use it to make sure that you have everything covered.

This is a very thorough list and you probably won’t be needing all of the items listed, so before you start, just cross out the items you know you won’t be taking and then go grab the ones you are.

Easy as pie!

Don’t forget to have fun in the process and to get excited about the new adventures!! :)


And let me know how it was helpful for you and what trip you are using it for. You can give us some juicy info about the holidays you had too!


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