Dim Sum at Grand Ocean City


After looking at the very creative dodos exposed at Le Caudan Waterfront, we started to get hungry.

We had set our minds for pizzas at ‘Sunset Café’, but even though it was already half past twelve, they had just opened and were not ready for service… We then decided to try the sports café ‘Shooters’ which we found out was closed… So we ended up at the Chinese restaurant on the second floor: the ‘Grand Ocean City’.

We actually were lucky to get a table as the restaurant was packed full! Like every Sunday, Dim Sums were at the menus. If you enjoy Chinese cuisine but have never tried these, I totally recommend you do! They were DELICIOUS!!! And as some of you know, I am somewhat fussy on food!!

Dim sum


Various waiters were circling the tables with their trolleys full of different kinds of specialties. They are very efficient and we were quickly served.

The meal can somewhat get expensive, if you get carried away testing the different kinds of food, as you pay per platter. Prices range from Rs 55 to Rs 80, depending on which ones you choose to eat. Every time you take a platter, you have three or four pieces at a time. It is a nice meal to share with a group so as to be able to taste lots of different ones.

If you do not really enjoy these, you can still have the option to order rice, noodles or roast chicken, pork or crispy duck. These will cost from about Rs 200 to Rs 400 per person.

We were really happy to have ended up there and enjoyed our meal as much as the friendly atmosphere tremendously.


Practical information:

Address: Grand Ocean City – Le Caudan Waterfron

Tel: 211 8357 / 211 8358

Fax: 211 8360

Dim Sums on: Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays (might also serve them on public holidays)

Reservation: Advised


How about you? Have you ever tasted Dim Sums? Do you like them? Would you like to? Share with us in the comments below!



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