Dodo Quest

Posted in September 2015
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When I first heard about Dodo quest, I didn’t know anything about escape rooms, but the concept appealed to me so I knew that I would love it! And I wasn’t disappointed.


The Dodo Quest escape rooms
The Dodo Quest escape rooms


A quick search on the internet revealed that this was the new ‘in’ thing in Europe and the States and growing like crazy.

So I quickly gathered some friends to make up a team of 4 to tackle the escape.

On our way there, we were both very excited and a little nervous, not knowing what to expect nor what it would be like.

To get there, their plan was very explicit and easy to follow.

From the motorway, take the RĂ©duit exit and drive towards Moka. Just before reaching the Montagne Ory roundabout, turn left in the MGI road, however as you enter that road turn right immediately into a no-through road that will take you to the Dodo quest entrance.

Parking can be tricky at times so better give yourselves a few minutes to spare just in case you have to look for one.

We got there quite easily, but it looked like our first challenge would be to enter the place as the door was closed… Turned out we were just a little too early.


Dodo Quest escape rooms
Entering Dodo Quest land!


Once we entered the Dodo Quest territory, our host Vadim was very welcoming and we comfortably settled on the couches as he explained the purpose and rules of the game.

Basically, the concept is pretty simple: a team of 2 to 4 people is locked in a room and has one hour to figure out how to get out of it.


Dodo Quest escape rooms
Rules of the games


We were to tackle the prison escape room on that day, inspired by the GRNW prison escape of 2010.

We were all fitted into orange overalls and feeling like real prisoners were hooded and lead to our quest.


Dodo Quest escape rooms
The orange overalls made us feel like real prisoners!


Left alone in our ‘prison’, after hearing a lot of clinking and squeaking noises, we removed our hood to discover our surroundings.

From that moment, we frantically searched for clues, keys and codes to make our way out.

I won’t give you any more indications as to what you need to figure out or how, you just need to go and experience it yourself.


Dodo Quest escape rooms
The feel of a real prison… (photo courtesy of Dodo Quest)


All I can tell you is that it is pretty intense as you search for things to guide you in the right direction, celebrate every little progress and slowly move towards your escape.

At every moment you are monitored by a member of the team who can see what you are up to and can communicate with you if needed.


Dodo Quest escape room
Anything and everything can be a clue… (photo courtesy of Dodo Quest)


There is also a button that you can press for help should you be completely lost and not know what to do. The help, of course, will not be directly given, but you will be pointed in the right direction.

My take is don’t press the button! Just figure it out :) After all, if you don’t get to the solution in the time imparted, the walls won’t crush you nor the ceiling fall down on your head… you will only be let out of the room and can come back to try again at another time.

We did escape!

With a feeling of joy and excitement and adrenaline still pumping!


Dodo Quest escape rooms
We escaped! :)


We were also very proud to learn that we had set a new record for escaping the prison room! Yeeha! (Which was apparently broken a few weeks later though…)

But we didn’t stop there!

Not shy of our first experience, as we learned that they were looking for participants to test their new historic room some days after, we were quick to volunteer our help.


Dodo Quest
The historic room
(Photo courtesy of Dodo Quest)


Our team was down one participant who was overseas, and as we now knew what we were up against, we figured that three minds were enough to tackle this new escape.

It might be because we were more confident or because we were not hooded this time, but we entered the adventurer cabinet much calmer and more composed.


Dodo Quest
A trip back to the past
(Photo courtesy of Dodo Quest)


The inspiration of this room comes from Pierre Poivre and we were looking for his golden nut that would free us.


Dodo Quest historic room
Looking for the golden nut
(Photo courtesy of Dodo Quest)


Just like the previous room, lots of attention is given to small details and is decorated to immerse you into the right atmosphere.

The puzzles of the historic room were for us a little more tricky to solve, but just as interesting and fun.

We still managed to find that golden nut and make our way out.


Dodo Quest escape room
Back from the past!


Looking forward to go back sometime for their hunter’s hut room that is due to open.

I do love how the Dodo Quest team were inspired by Mauritius to design their rooms.


Dodo Quest escape room
If you haven’t done it yet, go for it!


So if you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t hesitate and go for it! I totally recommend. It really is great fun.



Practical information:

Address: Main road, Moka (next to MGI)

Tel: 403 8562, 433 2777, 5 801 4378

Opening hours: 10am to 7pm everyday


Prices (at time of page publication – Sep 2015):
Residents: Rs 1500
Non-residents: Rs 3000
per game regardless of number of participants (2 to 4 players)



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