Bain Boeuf


Bain Boeuf public beach, in the north of the island, is quite an easy one to find.


Bain Boeuf public beach
Bain Boeuf public beach


Follow the coastal road, from Grand Baie/Pereybere towards Cap Malheureux (or the other way round) and you will find the public beach right in between, in Bain Boeuf, close to the Coin de Mire hotel.

There is a little parking space catered for, or there is some leeway on the side of the road too. Be careful though with little children as the narrow road is very close and cars may be driving faster than they should there…


Parking space at Bain Boeuf public beach.
Some parking space on the side of the road.


The picnic area is right there, a bit higher up than the beach and there is plenty of Casuarina trees for shade.


Casuarina trees at Bain Boeuf public beach
Lots of shade from the Casuarina trees.


Some people set their things in a quiet space, while others choose to be more comfortable close to a picnic table.


Bain Boeuf public beach
Setting down for the day


From there, you can still see the beautiful turquoise water…


Beautiful turquoise water at Bain Boeuf
Beautiful turquoise water


…and of course Gunners Quoin island in the distance.


Gunner's Quoin seen from Bain Boeuf public beach
Gunner’s Quoin


Looking at the sea, the slope on the right hand side is more gradual and sitting around there may make you feel a bit more ‘at the seaside’.



Bain Boeuf
The slope is more gentle here


Casuarina trees at Bain Boeuf public beach.
In the shade of the Casuarina trees


Although it is a place full of charm, the beach itself, let’s be honest isn’t very wide… and it is more rocky than sandy.


Bain Boeuf public beach
Rocky beach…


Bain Boeuf beach
…at low tide.


You can reach it via some stairs (or the slopes mentioned above). At high tide, the beach completely disappears under water.

There isn’t much water for a swim either, just enough for a little ‘puddle bath’.


Bain Boeuf public beach
You can go for a dip but don’t expect to be able to dive right in!


To appreciate a little bit of sand and sea though, you can go a little bit further on the right, as the swim in front of Le Coin de Mire hotel even if not the greatest, will at least give you a little bit of depth.


Bain Boeuf public beach
A little walk to the right will get you to a nicer little bit of beach and sea.


During the week, this beach seems very quiet. We didn’t see many people, even though enjoying a peaceful afternoon there watching Gunner’s Quoin island is divine.

On the week-end, surprisingly, it can get quite busy with lots of families enjoying a relaxing day under the trees.


Bain Boeuf public beach
Families enjoying a day at the beach.


To summarize, even though there’s not much beach or sea, this is a very nice little beach full of authenticity where it is nice to spend a relaxing time.


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