Blue Bay


On the road to Mahebourg, in the south-east of Mauritius, Blue Bay is a must-stop-by beach!


Blue Bay beach in Mauritius


It is a very popular beach and can get very crowded on week-ends and public holidays. During the week, it is a little more quiet.

The parking area, is not the most appealing unfortunately… although it does provide with quite a bit of parking space and some vendors can provide some things to eat or drink. Once you get to the beach however, you forget the humbo-gobble of the parking, as you only care to dive in the beautiful sea.


Sea at Blue Bay in Mauritius


Sincere to its name, the water of Blue Bay is clear and a crystalline turquoise. On a sunny day, the different shades of blue paint the most wonderful picture.


Rocks and sea of Blue Bay


The trees, just off the parking, before you reach the beach provides with nice shade. As do the casuarina trees on the left part of the beach. So if you want to shy away from the sun, you have ample opportunities to do so.


Tree shade at Blue Bay     Blue bay beach


If you prefer to stretch in the sun, you have plenty of space on the other side of the beach!


Blue Bay beach in Mauritius


The sand is white and soft!


Soft and white sand of Blue Bay beach


A large portion of the bay is cordoned off for swimming. The sea is super extraordinary!!! Clear, deep and just gorgeous! There can be a light current, but nothing too uncomfortable.


Blue Bay swimming area


Snorkeling is highly recommended as the water is very clear. Fish, crabs and other sea animals can easily be found amongst the rock and corals! Unfortunately, corals are continuously damaged by the high frequency of motor boats passing by.


Fish in Blue Bay

Little fish swimming in Blue Bay, Mauritius



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