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Beach in front of the Villa Caroline hotel
Beach in front of the Villa Caroline hotel in Flic en Flac


Once you’ve entered Flic en Flac, when you follow the main road, there is a sharp bend to the left leading you to the village center. A little sand road on your right (just after that bend, not the one leading you to Klondike) will bring you to a small parking space.

This area is often used by fishermen or diving centers to take their boats to sea.


Beach next to the Villa Caroline hotel
View from the parking area


This is not a public beach per se, as there are no beach facilities that have been laid out, but it’s still a nice beach to come to.

On the right of the parking area, there no real space to settle in and lots of boats. You can always take a quick stroll up to the Klondike hotel, but you won’t be able to walk much more past the Klondike as the beach area becomes very rocky and the sea becomes dangerous going towards Albion.


Beach on the right of the parking area, leading towards the Klondike hotel.


On the left hand side of the parking area is the Villa Caroline hotel and in front of it there is a really huge beach area with very fine to powdery white sand. From one of our readers, it seems that it is the widest beach on the island.


Beach in front of the Villa Caroline hotel
Huge white sandy beach!


You cannot, of course, use the hotel’s equipments or facilities, but there is still a lot of space to settle down closer to the sea.

You will not find any shade on this beach though as the trees are further along on the other side of the hotel and there are none to be found here. If you need shade, it’s better to use one of the access to the public beach.


Beach in front of the Villa Caroline hotel
The trees for shade are further away


The sea is usually quite shallow if you stay close to the parking area, but if you walk a bit further, until you’re about in front of the hotel, the sea is a bit deeper, even if you don’t go far from the beach.


Beach in front of the Villa Caroline hotel
Warm and inviting sea


Kids love to be able to run and play as much as they want on this wide beach without disturbing too many people!

And as it is on the west coast of the island, it is also a very nice place to come have a sundowner while watching the sun set.


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