Flic en Flac 2


Flic en Flac beach
Flic en Flac public beach


Once you are in the Flic en Flac village, follow the main road up to the police station. The long straight road you see after you’ve passed the station is parallel to the beach and should give you many access points to the public beach with parking spaces available here and there. If you feel more energetic, you can also walk there from Tamarin bay.

Flic en Flac is a very popular beach and can get jam-full packed on week-ends. The traffic created by cars coming out of the only road of Flic en Flac on Sunday evenings attest to its popularity.

Many people like to come camping on that beach during week-ends, and as it is a very long public beach there’s plenty of space for everyone.



One of the main features of that beach is its gorgeous turquoise sea that offers safe bathing if you stay close to the beach. Swimming in this calm lagoon is as nice at low tide as it is at high tide.


Warm and safe sea
Warm and safe sea


(Editor’s note: I’ve been told by one of my readers that there is a very dangerous and strong current when close to the ‘Manisa hotel’ that has cost life to swimmers before, so be careful when swimming further from the shore.)

Unlike the Villa Caroline beach, here the casuarina (filao) trees offer plenty of shade along the whole beach.


Shade on the beach
Shade on the beach from Casuarina trees.


On one of our visits, we chose to stop at the first parking area after the police station. There are pairs of chairs fitted with large umbrellas that you can rent if you don’t want to stay up by the trees but still want to protect yourself from the sun and get a bit more comfortable doing so.


Umbrellas at Flic en Flac
Umbrellas to relax in the shade on the beach


We chose a little area on the sand rather.

It looked like some beach soccer sometimes goes on around the area where we settled as we could see some goal posts made out of small casuarina branches.


Filao goal posts
‘Filao’ goal posts


The sand is also quite nice there – neither too fine or too rough, ideal for building sand castles, and for the children to give their fullest to this activity.


Sand castles
Sand castles by the dozen…


Sand castle
…and a bigger one!


All along the beach, you can also find lots of little food caravans where you can find a whole lot of different types of food.


Food caravan
Only missing the wonderful smell of cooking ‘faratas’!


The children were hungry, so we decided to get some ‘faratas’ for them.


Eating Faratas
Eating ‘faratas’


As Flic en Flac is a very lively village where night life is also quite buoyant, often events are organized on the beach. Sometimes the celebrations are well planned and organized and at other times they are just some spontaneous bond fires with some ‘ravanes’ and joyous segas all around.

Whether you decide to experience Flic en Flac beach by day or by night, it’s a great beach to see and you won’t be disappointed.


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