Ile aux benitiers

The Bénitiers Island is found a little off the west coast of Mauritius.


Benitiers Island seen from Le Morne mountain.
Bénitiers Island seen from Le Morne mountain.


To reach it you will need some kind of boat transportation. It is easily reached from Tamarin/Black River, Case Noyale or Le Morne.


Ile au Bénitier
The island is easily reached from the west coast of Mauritius.


The first things you see when you reach the island is usually the rocky formation coming out of the sea, looking like a clam shell (Bénitier) from where the island takes its name.


Benitiers Island
The ‘clam’ of Bénitiers Island.


Benitier Island
The rocky formation seen from the island.


There used to be a second similar one, which is no longer there unfortunately.


Benitier Island
What is left of the second rocky formation, a little further from the first one.


The most beautiful beach of the island is found facing the ocean.


Benitiers Island
Late afternoon on Benitiers Island


From that beach, there is a beautiful view of Le Morne on the left side.


Le Morne seen from l'ile au Bénitier
Le Morne mountain seen from Bénitier Island.


The sea is usually shallow and pleasant to sit or lie into for a relaxing time.


Benitiers Island
The water can be so shallow indeed at low tide that boats have to be pushed towards the beach.


The beach on Benitier Island is highly touristic. If you would like to appreciate a nice and quiet time on the island it is best to go very early in the morning or quite late in the afternoon.

If you don’t mind having company, on most days the island is taken over by different boat tours between 9 am and 3 pm.


Ile aux Benitiers
All the boats from different tours coming in for the day.


As a result, you will see these funny structures along the beach and water that are used to serve food and drinks.


Ile aux Bénitiers
Funny structure waiting to be put to use by the various tours on the island.


Benitier Island
Bénitiers Island


Because of the high traffic of the island, it is unfortunately not very clean and has quite a lot of rubbish lying around, especially on the inside of the island, despite many non governmental organizations and other groups coming to clean it from time to time.

When it is quiet you may share the island with only little feathery companions.


Ile aux Bénitiers
A lonely bird walking along the beach.


I was also quite surprised to see that the island was populated by …dogs! No idea how they got there in the first place and how many they actually are. We saw about three or four dogs, but there may have been more.


Benitiers Island
A curious dog following us on Bénitiers Island.


The flora on the inside of the island is not very interesting. The trees are not in a good shape and there are a lot of dead branches lying around.


Benitiers Island
Crossing the island to get to the other side.


The other side of the island, the one facing the shore, even if not as beautiful offers a very nice stretch of beach for a nice walk with the beautiful scenery of the west coast of Mauritius.


Ile aux Bénitiers
Facing Case Noyale and Le Morne


Beautiful scenery of the west coast of Mauritius seen from Bénitiers Island one early morning.
Beautiful scenery of the west coast of Mauritius seen from Bénitiers Island one early morning.


The sea on that side is a little murky and there seem to be many ‘haches d’armes’ in the area, judging by the many empty shells we saw at the very end of the island. Fishermen also like to scout the water surrounding the island at dusk and during the night as it is shallow and easily accessible.


Haches d'armes on Benitiers Island
“Haches d’armes” shells on the beach.


I’m not sure how long it would take to walk round the whole island as we haven’t tried that yet, but we may very well give it a go sometime in the future.


Benitiers Island
A rainbow over Le Morne on a cloudy day – from the tip of Bénitiers Island


Camping is not allowed on the island as well as campfires.


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