La Cambuse


La Cambuse beach, in the south-east of the island, is a beach that I do not know very well. In fact, I don’t remember having been there before and discovered it for the first time on this very visit.


La Cambuse beach in Mauritius
La Cambuse public beach


To get to La Cambuse drive towards the airport close to Mahebourg. At the little roundabout leading to the SSR airport, take the road leading to the Shandrani hotel. The turn off to La Cambuse is on the right, just before you get to the Shandrani hotel.

You then enter a charming little dirt road with trees on each sides and there’s probably about a 5 to 10 mins drive to get to the beach.


La Cambuse beach in Mauritius
The road leading to La Cambuse


The first thing I noticed when we got there was the very wide grassy area with lots of space to settle down for a picnic.


La Cambuse beach in Mauritius
Wide areas full of Casuarina trees


La Cambuse beach in Mauritius
Sandy paths at La Cambuse


Of course, with all this space and the protection of the Casuarina trees, camping is a great idea too.


La Cambuse beach
Pick your spot!


Camping at La Cambuse beach in Mauritius
Camping at La Cambuse


Closer to the beach, the Casuarina trees seem to be more sparse, leaving the area for the ‘Veloutier’ trees.


Veloutier trees at La Cambuse beach
Veloutier trees


Funny growing tree at La Cambuse beach
Funny growing ‘Veloutier’ tree


The beach is amazing. It is a beautiful wide stretch of white sandy beach. It was also quite empty for a Sunday morning.


La Cambuse beach
The beautiful sandy beach of La Cambuse


The sea is gorgeous and inviting.


La Cambuse beach
Rocky formation towards the end of La Cambuse beach


You can usually see some waves a little further on the reefs.


Waves at La Cambuse beach
Waves at La Cambuse


On the far right, before the end of the beach, there is a little swimming spot surrounded by rocks that seems very popular.


Swimming at La Cambuse
A little protected swimming area to the right of the beach.


Not knowing the beach very well, I’m not sure about how safe it is to swim in these waters… but the sea usually being rougher in the south of the island, I would be careful not to be too adventurous. There probably is some mighty strong currents around there.

On a sunny day, the beach is really enjoyable. However, sunny or not, it can also be a very windy beach (as can attest the shape of the trees), especially in Winter, so it’s better to be equipped with some warm clothes just in case.


La Cambuse beach
Lots of inward leaning trees around attesting to persistant wind in the area.


Even if it is not a crowded beach, you will still find the usual coconut and fruit vendor, as well as the usual ice-cream van, who drove past us a couple of times.


Coconut vendor at La Cambuse beach
Coconut, fruit and snack vendor


On the left, the beach stretches on quite a distance, going towards the Shandrani hotel.

On the other side there is a little path, parallel to the beach, that is great for a casual walk.


La Cambuse beach
A nice walk to do off of La Cambuse.


This will lead you to some really nice and privileged places for quite a long stretch of untouched nature.


Little sandy beach close to La Cambuse.
Wild quiet stretch of beach


We didn’t meet many people while on the path, one or two fishermen at the most, but we did cross some cattle grazing around the path… and I was not too proud passing them!


Cows grazing close to La Cambuse
Cows grazing close to La Cambuse


This might have been my first visit to La Cambuse, but it certainly won’t be the last as I discovered a really beautiful and authentic beach here.


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