Le Morne


In the South West of Mauritius, on the road from Black River to the south, you will find “Le Morne” peninsula.


Le Morne


To get there, if you are on your way to the south following the coastal road, turn right after ‘Case Noyale’. The turn-off is quite noticeable as it is the only one after a long stretch of road with only trees. Big advertising boards, featuring sea and surf activities, will confirm you’re on the correct road.

Once you have turned, follow the road up to a little roundabout. That road follows a private ‘hunting chassé’ on its left. If you are lucky, you might even be able to see a deer or two under the trees.

“Le Morne” mountain stands proudly towering the numerous hotels along the coast. Fortunately, there is still access to the beach at three different points between some of the hotels.

At the roundabout, there are some shops on your left. Follow the road on the left, right after the shops and it will lead you to the different beaches.


Le Morne beach


There are three access to the beach between the hotels. The first one is the longest and is very nice for a relaxing time by the sea, the second one is quite small and is used often by fishermen and the third one, at the very end of the road, is very windy and very popular amongst kite surfers.


Le Morne 1

Le Morne 2

Le Morne 3

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