Le Morne 3


Not as big as the first public beach and quite a bit busier than the second, the last access to the beach at Le Morne is the realm of those who live to conquer the waves. This surfing spot is known as One Eye.


Le Morne beach
Le Morne beach


From the little roundabout (see Le Morne beaches page), follow the road with the different hotels on your right and carry on straight to the very end, when the road becomes all sandy. You will be passing the first and second access to the beaches and end up here.


Le Morne beach
Sandy road leading the the beach.


This beach is usually very busy and you will instantly recognize it at the sight of all the kites and windsurf boards waiting on the beach or flying around in the sky.

In fact, here the windier it is, the busier it gets!

There are lots of Casuarina trees, but this is mostly where people park their cars.


Le Morne beach
Casuarina trees by the beach


Whereas some years back there was not too much commercial activity over there, nowadays there seem to be a lot more little food and clothes tents around.


Commercial tents at Le Morne beach
Clothes and food tents under the trees.


The very tip of the beach is where it is usually the busiest as this is the place from which the kite/wind surfers start off and come back to shore.


Kite surfers at Le Morne beach
Conquering the waves!


There is usually a whole lot of kites and windsurf boards lying around patiently waiting for their owners to give them some attention.


Kites at Le Morne beach
Wind-surfs and kites waiting for their owners.


Kites at Le Morne beach
A “field” of colorful kites, further on the left of the beach.


From the tip, looking at the sea, the right side of the beach is nice and quiet. It is also a little bit more protected from the wind than the other side. People usually like to come enjoy the beach around this side.


Le Morne beach
Enjoying the beach!


The other side is very windy. It is also more rugged, not much sandy beach and it also is usually full of algae stranded there by the currents.


Le Morne beach
The more ‘rugged’ side of this beach.


You will often see beginner kite-surfers there, learning to control their kites in the wind.

Looking out at sea, there is always something going on. You will see kite-surfers coming and going, windsurfers riding along (and sometimes falling off!), …


Wind-surfers at Le Morne beach


…or, further by the waves, a “swarm” of kites coming and going all other the horizon. I often wonder how they don’t all end up tangled together!


Le morne beach
Busy horizon


Here is a little video of the action you might witness there:



And for those who’d like a less amateurish video… Click here for a more professional shooting of kite surfing, mostly done at One Eye + with some nice shots of the island too.

To summarize, great beach if you are into kitesurfing and these kind of stuff, even if you are not doing it yourself, as it is quite beautiful to watch, but not so great if you are looking for a quiet and calm beach as it’s always bustling with activity.


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