Tamarin Bay


Tamarin is a beautiful beach very dear to our hearts, as both my husband and I have fond memories from our youths there!

As we live close by, we still visit this beach fairly often!


Tamarin Bay
Tamarin Bay


Tamarin Bay is situated in Tamarin, next to Black River, on the west coast of Mauritius. To get to the beach, you have to cross the bridge, after the Riverland sports club. On your right, after you’ve passed the shopping center ‘Cap Dal’ and the church, there is a road leading straight to the beach.

Tamarin Bay is very authentic. Early in the mornings, you can meet joggers and dog walkers and in the afternoons people like to come for a relaxed walk along the sea. On week-ends, the beach stays fairly empty until about noon, when it starts to fill up. Families love to come enjoy the afternoon there.

It is a fun beach too, as waves comes straight to the beach. So don’t forget to bring boards along. 


Waves at Tamarin Bay, Mauritius
Waves at Tamarin


It has two nice surfing spots. ‘Dal’ on its left and ‘Black stone’ on the right.


Surfing at Tamarin
Surfing on Dal


Dolphins are often found close to Tamarin Bay and various boat companies offer trips to watch and swim with them in the mornings.

The sand is quite dark and very, very thin. It is so thin that it has a tendency to stick to the skin and clothes!


Sand at Tamarin Bay, MauritiusSand at Tamarin Bay, Mauritius


As it is at the mouth of ‘La Rivière du Rempart’, during rainy season, Tamarin Bay is separated in two parts, due to the river. “La Passe” created by this river is not difficult to cross if you are not scared to get yourself a bit wet. At low tide it can go from ankle high to hip high, and at high tide it goes from knee high to deeper where you would have to swim through it to reach the other side. In winter, it is often all dried out. During heavy rains, “La Passe” can be very dangerous due to strong currents and people have to be very cautious when deciding to cross it or not.


La passe at Tamarin bay
La passe at low tide
La Passe high tide
La passe at high tide


On its left side, towered by “La Tourelle” mountain, there is some protection from the sun from the Casuarina trees. The waves are not as strong near the beach and the water not too deep. Although, there sometimes can be rocks, carried by the river, that can be a bit uncomfortable. (Update July 2013: There seems to be much less rocks nowadays and the swim here is much more enjoyable.)


Shade from filao trees in Tamarin Bay, Mauritius     Shade from filao trees in Tamarin Bay, Mauritius


On its right side, the beach is wider, the sea deeper, and waves are more fun, however there isn’t much protection from the sun.


Tamarin Bay, Mauritius
Tamarin Bay beach


As it is on the west coast, Tamarin Bay offers the most glorious sunsets. Ideal for sun-downers on a warm day!


Sunset at Tamarin Bay, Mauritius
Cloudy, yet beautiful sunset


Even though there is a warning of dangerous bathing, Tamarin Bay is always busy on the week-ends and most week days afternoons as it is a fun and just a real nice beach. Caution should still be applied when swimming in Tamarin Bay as it has claimed lives in the past, especially during tidal waves and cyclones. (Here is a blog post about the waves at Tamarin after the cyclone Felleng passed the west of the island.) But although precautions are welcomed, that shouldn’t deter you from visiting it, it’s well worth the visit!


Tamarin bay sea from the beach on a beautiful day!
The gorgeous water of Tamarin Bay


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