There are so many different types of visits that can be done in Mauritius that you would need a whole year to see them all! Not kidding!

From natural sites like the ‘7 coloured earth’, to parks like ‘La Vanille’ or ‘Casela’. Not forgetting along the way man made attractions like ‘La Citadelle’ or more humble historical ones like ‘Le Lavoir’ in Mahebourg.

Some sites that have been there for, it seems, forever, like the ‘manioc biscuits manufacturer Rault’ to more recent ones like the ‘Slave Route monument’.

Some will require most of the day if you really want to get the most of it while others will only need a half hour. Whatever the visit you choose to do, all needs and wishes are catered for!


Here are some of the visits you can do in Mauritius:


Link to the Alexandra Falls viewpoint page.


Link to Casela page


Chamarel Coloured Earths


Link to the Champ de Mars page




Link to La Route du Sel page


La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes


Link to La Vieille Cheminée


Le Souffleur


Link to Mauritius Aquarium page




Slave Route Monument


Link to the Mauritius Glass Gallery page