Alexandra Falls


The Alexandra Falls viewpoint is found on the central plateau. It is a part of the Black River Gorges.


Alexandra Falls
The waterfall in the distance


To arrive at the View Point, you have to get to Plaine Champagne, going towards ‘Grand Bassin’, and look out for the sign post of the viewpoint.

From the turn off after the sign, you will quickly get to a large parking area. Some merchant stands have been laid out next to the parking, but there were no merchants to be seen on our visit.


Alexandra Falls viewpoint in Mauritius
Parking area at Alexandra Falls


The parking was also pretty empty and there were not many people (about ten to fifteen) coming and going while we were there.


Alexandra falls
That’s about the most people we saw at the time of our visit.


I must say it was winter and the day, even if sunny, was pretty cold and windy, so I’m sure attendance must be higher during summer times.

From the parking, the viewpoint is not very far.

You first cross a charming little path, with some trees around and picnic tables.


Alexandra Falls viewpoint
The path leading to the viewpoint from the parking.


Then you get to a big circular area (not sure what it’s purpose is or was).


Alexandra Falls
Big circular area


You cross a little river…


Alexandra Falls
Crossing a little river to get to the viewpoint


…go up a couple of stairs.


Alexandra Falls viewpoint
Going towards the viewpoint


The whole process will not take you more than 5 minutes. And you get to the view point.

The scenery is of course amazing!


View at Alexandra Falls
Beautiful scenery of the south-east of the island.


There is a wooden structure you can climb on to take in the full view. It is quite safe and sturdy, even for children to climb on.


Wooden structure to admire the view at Alexandra Falls.
Climb up and admire the view!


And there is also a wide green grassy area where children can run and play while you admire the view.


Alexandra Falls viewpoint
Alexandra Falls viewpoint


Alexandra falls is straight ahead.



A close of the Alexandra Falls
Alexandra Falls – close up


And on the left, there is another waterfall called ‘Cascade 500 pieds”


Cascade 500 pieds from Alexandra Falls viewpoint
Cascade 500 pieds


Or so I think… I’m actually not sure which waterfall is which! I might have swapped them around.

Around the viewpoint, there are also some little paths. I’m not sure where they lead to but I don’t think they go very far. You might be able to find a ‘goyave de chine’ or two there when it’s in season!


Alexandra Falls
Little path at the viewpoint area


On our way back, we didn’t follow the path but diverted to the right after the bridge where you can have a look from the top of the closest waterfall. There seems to be a path on the other side too, may be leading to the other waterfall.

I didn’t venture too close to the edge though, as we had children along and didn’t want them to get too close.


Cascade 500 pieds
The top of Cascade 500 pieds


To summarize: a short and nice visit if you are already in the area, may be picking some ‘goyaves de chine’ in Plaine Champagne or paying a visit to Grand Bassin.


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