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Published on the 30th of July 2012 – Updated May 2017

La Vieille Cheminée estate is situated in Chamarel. We spent three days in their cottages in complete nature and had the most wonderful time.


La Vieille Cheminee - Discover Mauritius Island



The entrance to the estate is quite easy to find. On the road from the chamarel village, you go past the entrance of the ‘seven coloured earths‘ on your right and follow the road which turns sharply to the left. Right after that bend, you will see an old rock chimney amongst pineapple plantations on your left and you’ve found the estate. The entrance gate is a couple of meters before the chimney.

Once you’ve passed the gates, just follow the dirt roads to the stables and cottages where there will probably be someone waiting for you.

On our stay, which was during a week-end, we were welcomed by a very nice lady who came up to the estate just for that purpose. All outstanding payments and explanations were done at our arrival, in a nice little administrative office by the stables.


La Vieille Cheminée admin area by the stables


This area is actually open throughout the week-end, so that visitors can come have a cup of coffee or read a book here if they wish to.


La Vieille Cheminée


Then, we went up to our cottage which was the smallest of the three they have available. It was all made of wood and was very charming and cosy.


Wooden cottages at La Vieille Cheminée


La Vieille Cheminée


Very simply decorated, it consisted of a room, kitchen and a little bathroom. We had asked for an additional bed in the room.


Wooden chalet at La Vieille Cheminée


The kitchen is well equipped with everything you should need for your stay. There is a fridge to keep food, a gas stove and a microwave for cooking/heating, a toaster and all the necessary utensils and crockery. They do not have a restaurant or a place to eat, but they do provide prepared dinner (mostly traditional Mauritian food) and breakfast or lunch baskets that they bring to you. You have to order those in advance. Or you can plan to bring and prepare your own food.


Diner basket at La Vieille Cheminée


My husband was thrilled to re-discover and old ‘moka pot’ that he used to brew his coffee every morning the ‘old’ way.

After dropping our bags, we went for a short walk around the cottages, to make the most of the afternoon.


A "badamier" at La Vieille Cheminée


That evening we had planned a barbecue. The coals and barbecue grill are provided by the estate.


Barbecue at La Vieille Cheminée


As the sun was going down and the coals were heating up, we sat on the little bench in front of the cottage and appreciated the little wood in front of us. We also saw some bats coming out from the mountains into the woods behind us.

The evening was a little bit cold, even though our visit to the estate was in summer, so I would strongly suggest that you do bring something to cover yourself up in the evenings.

We had an early night so that we could be fresh and rested and make the most the next day.

When we woke up, our breakfast basket was waiting for us outside. We had some juice, yoghurt, bread, butter, milk, cheese, pineapple slices (really juicy and sweet!), jam and eggs, that we quickly scrambled.


Breakfast from La Vieille Cheminée


The two days went by very fast. We mostly walked around the estate on the little paths and enjoyed the relaxing time close to nature. You are provide with the estate’s map upon arrival and have access to the whole estate. I would recommend bringing some type of mosquito spray, especially if you walk in the deeper part of the woods as the mosquitoes are numerous and voracious!


Walking at La Vieille Cheminée


Walking at La Vieille Cheminée


Walking at La Vieille Cheminée


La Vieille Cheminée


During many of our walks we encountered the sensitive plants and my son would inevitably spend hours closing them one by one.


Walking at La Vieille Cheminée


We also encoutered some funny looking plants…


Funny looking plants at La Vieille Cheminée


*** Update July 2014 – There are no more farm animals at La Vieille Cheminée nowadays. ***

There’s also a little farm with ducks, hens, pigs and other animals that you can visit which is really nice for kids to see.


Entrance of the farm of La Vieille Cheminée


The farm of La Vieille Cheminée


*** Update July 2014 – There are no more farm animals at La Vieille Cheminée nowadays. ***


Of course, we had to go see the horses at least once or twice a day, as this was a big hit for my little one!! Sometimes they were in their stables and sometimes they were grazing in their paddocks.


Horses at La Vieille Cheminée


Horses at La Vieille Cheminée


Horses at La Vieille Cheminée


On one occasion, we were on a little walk when they were coming back to their stables all on their own, that was quite fun to watch.


We also spent some time at the pool, which was kind of cold for the time of the year. I guess it might be because of the wind at the top of the hill. It didn’t stop us from dipping in.


The pool of La Vieille Cheminée


La Vieille Cheminée, view from the pool


We enjoyed the great view of the estate and its surroundings from the top, where you can see back to the entrance of the estate and the pineapple plantations on the left and the rum factory a bit further away on the right.


La Vieille Cheminée


The little bar by the pool is very rustic and there is some tea available if you want to sip a cup or two. I was tempted to warm up with a nice cup, but finally didn’t as there was no milk and unfortunately I don’t like tea without milk too much.


Little bar by the pool at La Vieille Cheminée


It was also by the pool that I found the ‘pomme jacquot‘ tree that was full of fruits and allowed me to bring back the funny taste of my childhood.

Coming back from our walks, we would find the table nicely set for us to enjoy our dinner meals.


La Vieille Cheminée


Unfortunately, as all good things come to an end, the week-end finished all too early and we went back on our way with all of our wonderful memories. It’s definitely a place that I will visit again. May be next time we’ll try a winter stay in one of the bigger cottages so that we can use the chimney and spend some comfy time by the fire!


Practical information:

Address: Main Road, Chamarel

Tel: 483 4249, 725 5546

Fax: 483 4250

Website: www.lavieillecheminé

Email: caroline@lavieillecheminé

Prices (up to October 2018): From Rs 3,000 for a 1 person cottage to Rs 13,200 for an 8 person cottage. More info about their prices here.

The estate also offers guided walks and horse riding excursions and special packages.

Update May 2013: There are now more cottages with the addition of two houses: ‘L’Atelier’ & ‘La Maison du Potager’.


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