Black River peak


The Black River peak (Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire) is part of the Black River range and is the highest mountain of Mauritius at 828m. And yet you can reach its summit quite easily for a most rewarding view of the surroundings.



There are different routes through which you can reach the top.

The easiest is via Plaine Champagne as you will start at an altitude of about 678m and therefore only need to go up the remaining 150m. The hike to the top will be approximately 3.5 kms.

You can also start lower via the trail of Planteau in Chamarel which is more of a climb even if not too difficult. The departure elevation is about 250m and the hike distance to the top about 5.2 kms.

Via the trail of Grand Piton in the Black River Gorges is the hardest and longest way up. The departure elevation being around 100m and the distance to the top 5.5 kms.

Rather than going up and down the same way, you can of course combine those to go up one path and down another. In that case though you need to organize for transportation at your arrival point beforehand.

Since our last visit, apparently a bench has been brought up to the summit for a bit of comfort admiring the view. Not sure that I really do appreciate that new addition… but I guess it does allow for a deserved rest at the top!


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