Le Morne village – La Prairie


A very nice walk that we did along the coast was from Le Morne village to La Prairie beach.

Le Morne village is a little coastal village. At first, it was located at the foot of Le Morne mountain, however due to the rising sea and the tides it had to be moved and is now found a little further along the coastal road.

To reach it, rather than turning right towards Le Morne beaches, carry on straight to an uphill winding road that will lead you to the village. The view at the top of this road before going back down is magnificent on a sunny day!


Road leading to Le Morne village
The road leading to Le Morne village.


We came in two cars to be able to leave one at La Prairie beach so that we wouldn’t have to walk back.

We started our walk at the very beginning of Le Morne village.


Le Morne village
Starting our walk


We could see Le Morne mountain standing out in the blue sky behind us…


Le Morne mountain
Le Morne mountain


…and the Ilot Fourneau at our right.


Ilot Sanchot
Ilot Fourneau


Le Morne village is a nice little fisherman’s village, therefore there are lots of ‘pirogue’ boats in the water or on the land.


A boat next to the jetee in front of Le Morne village.
“Pirogue” boats next to the jetty in front of Le Morne village.


Pirogue on the grass
Pirogue on the grass


During the first part of our walk, the beach is swampy with quite a lot of rocks and algae, which was quite nice as it was home to lots of different animals.


Beach in front of Le Morne village
On the first part of the walk, the beach was swampy and rocky.


Le Morne village


The children especially liked the colorful little crabs that abounded here and had lots of fun running after them.


A beautiful colorful crab
A little colorful crab


They also found lots of “treasures”, like this big crab shell.


Crab's shell
Crab’s shell


While we walked, we enjoyed seeing the village life around us, as the road and the habitations are not very far from the beach.


Le Morne village
Le Morne village


Some children were playing a game of petanque…


Children playing petanque
Children playing petanque


…while adults were queuing to buy their loaf of bread at the shops.


Early morning at Le Morne village
People going to the shops


Others were by the sea cleaning up the catch of the morning.


Cleaning fish at Le Morne village
Cleaning fish


We were in no hurry, so we went (the children ran!) up the jetty to take in the scenery.


Walking up the jetee
Walking up the jetty


As we walked, the beach become more grainy and sandy.


Sandy beach at Le Morne village
Sandy beach


The sea was very calm and peaceful.


Calm sea at Le Morne village
Calm sea


We reached a little playground area and we, of course, had to make a ten minutes stop, or the children would not have forgiven us!


Playground of Le Morne village
Children’s playground


Even though we were moving away from it, everytime we stopped or turned around, the majestic ‘Le Morne’ mountain was constantly part of our walk.


Le Morne mountain
Le Morne mountain…


Le Morne mountain
…seen from Le Morne village


Some campers had set their tents just before the end of the village. They probably hit their sleeping bags late last night as the people around seemed to have just gotten up and setting up for the day as we passed them.


Camping in front of Le Morne village
Camping in front of the village


Once we were out of Le Morne village, we didn’t meet many people. We did see some vehicles passing along, as the road is very close to the beach at one point.


Walking to La Prairie beach
A little further out of Le Morne village


Walk to La Prairie beach
Walking alongside the road


On the beach going to La Prairie beach
At high tide we probably would be walking in the sea!


At that point we could see our destination not very far away: La Prairie beach.


La Prairie beach seen from afar
La Prairie beach…


Picnic at La Prairie beach
… already filled by the picnic fans of the day.


It didn’t take us very long to reach it from that point.

All we had to do is to then was go round the large pool of water, which is always there behind the trees, to be able to reach our car.


La Prairie beach in Mauritus
An ever present large pool of water behind La Prairie beach.


We had some refreshments by the car that were very welcome and sat on the beach a little while for a well deserved rest, taking in the beautiful scenery around us.


La Prairie beach
La Prairie beach


Le Morne from La Prairie beach
Le Morne in the background


We really enjoyed our little promenade. I think we only walked around 2 kms. It did take us a little over an hour because we had decided on a slow pace to accommodate the children’s stops and discoveries and they thoroughly enjoyed it, as did we!


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