Tamarin – Flic en Flac


Along the way from Black River to Flic en Flac


A nice walk that is not too difficult is the one from Tamarin to Flic en Flac. This should take you about 3 hours at a relaxed pace, with some stops along the way to enjoy the sea.

We planned this walk a first time, but had to cancel due to cyclone Giovanna. The day we finally got to go through with it wasn’t too sunny, which made it quite a nice day to do a walk as it wasn’t too hot, but a bit windy towards the end.

We started off at the Tamarin Bay beach.


Starting walk at Tamarin Bay


At the complete end of the beach, next to the Tamarina hotel, there is a little dirt path, very easy to find, under a big ‘badamier’.


Path under the trees


The path isn’t very wide, but it is nice and shady as there are trees all around.


Path from Black River to Flic en Flac


You will often meet other walkers coming back to Tamarin or going towards Flic en Flac.

The path is not very long.  It takes about half an hour to reach its end. Mostly rocks borders the sea.


Short stop to watch the sea


Rocks next to Tamarin Bay


Although there is one little sand spot along the way…


Little sandy beach in the middle of the rocks


At the end of the path, you will come across a nice sandy beach, close to the Sands Resorts hotel.


End of the path


Beach in front of the Sands Resorts hotel


Right after the hotel, there is a nice swimming spot where you can take a dip. And if you want some fun, leave your stuff and walk up to the peak of the beach. When you enter the water there, you will be carried by a strong current all the way back to your stuff. Obviously, caution is always advised when swimming in currents, so make sure you are not alone when swimming over there.


Peak of the beach


The rest of the walk to Flic en Flac, is done along the beach. I didn’t find it as enjoyable as the first part as there are lots of hotels one after the other: the Hilton, La Pirogue, Sugar Beach,… Some of them really gets the beach quite crowded with beach chairs everywhere on very narrow beaches, but at times the beach does get larger and the chairs and little ‘kiosks’ looks more comfy!


Chairs and kiosks in front of hotel


The public beach of Flic en Flac can be reached in about an hour to an hour and a half walk, from the end of the path. You can stop for a swim, the sea is really gorgeous there!


Flic en Flac public beach


From the public beach, you can reach the Flic en Flac’s main road where you can find merchants and vendors along the street. There’s usually at least one coconut vendor around if you want to clench your thirst from the walk! If you walk a bit further along the street you will also find plenty of shops and restaurants.

If you decide to carry on along the beach, you can also walk up to the Villa Caroline hotel a bit further away (about thirty minutes) where you will also be able to reach the road at the very end of the beach.


Villa Caroline beach


One thing, that could be worth pointing out, is I chose to do the walk barefoot, as I don’t like to walk in the sand with shoes, however I now do think it would have been a better choice to put shoes on as it is easier to get going, especially as the beach has a slight slope towards the end.

All in all, it was a very nice walk. I definitely did prefer the first half to the second one. Obviously, you can also choose to do this walk the other way round: from Flic en Flac to Tamarin. Or, if you are courageous, you can always walk the whole way and back!!


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