Dodozero t-shirts


Look what I got in the post!

Dodozero t-shirt

And no, I didn’t get it from Santa! I received it from a talented young t-shirt designer living in England. Sonia, creator of the Dodozero designs, uses her Mauritian origins and her British upbringing as source of inspiration. Her t-shirts are mostly aimed towards Mauritians living in the uk, but I’m thinking it might appeal to Mauritians in general too, whether they live here or overseas…

I interviewed Sonia to ask her a little bit more about her life with this mixture of Mauritian and British culture. (side note: I’m sorry about the quality of the audio near the end but the internet connection was causing some trouble…)



You can find and buy her t-shirts on her website:


What about you? What kind of t-shirts do you like to wear? Would you rather stick to the traditional picture on the back t-shirt or do you prefer more dynamic designs? Share with us in the comments below.



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  1. The more original the t-shirt, the better I think. You don’t want to be walking down the streets and see the guy coming in the opposite direction wearing the same shirt as you. I’d feel really awkward!

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