Gone fishin’


A couple of weeks ago, on a bright and sunny day, we went fishing in the La Preneuse lagoon.


Fishing at La Preneuse


It was my son’s first time on a boat… He felt a bit unsure at first, but very soon warmed up to the experience and the excitement of his cousins.

Our captain, Olivier, doubled as fishing rod expert and sorted out the different fishing lines for the kids while driving us around the lagoon.


Fishing in the lagoon of La Preneuse


After a while we made a stop on a little coral island (before it got submerged as the tide was going up) and had some cake and juice to re-energize our little fishermen.


Sand Island


Back on the boat, they took their fishing job very seriously and we did come back with three nice fish!

Here is my son’s very first ‘catch’! A bit small, but he was still very proud nonetheless! We did put him back in the water though.


Little fishies



Do you like fishing? What type of fishing do you prefer? Share with us in the comments below!


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