Happy New Year = Happy Anniversary


Hello!!!!!!!! And Happy New Year!


I am so happy and thrilled to be here with you all on DiscoverMauritiusIsland.com!


This project has been on the back of my mind for a long, long time! I was always putting it off because I also have about ten other projects that needs attending to. But at the end of last year, I thought: “Bugger! Let’s just go for it!” and dived right in!

And I know, it’s gonna be a lot of work maintaining yet another website… but it’s also going to be a whole lot of FUN! Plus I get to have all these visits and adventures along the way!


I am completely dedicated to make this website an awesome experience for myself and for my readers. I was also pretty excited that my husband decided to join in the FUN! So, we hope you share our enthusiasm!


And because I’ve started this project at this moment of the year. Every New Year will remind me that I’ll have to celebrate the anniversary of our website. It will be the time where I will be in awe of the progress made and where I will assess how to yet improve what I can do better for you!


Come join us and share the fun! Is there something you’ve been dying to do but there’s always something in the way? What do you want to ‘dive right into’?



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