I already shared that ‘Pomme Jacquot‘ & ‘Badams‘ are fruits that were very present while growing up. Here is another one, may be that I encountered a bit less, but that I still very much enjoyed eating when I was younger: Jamblang (Jamblon).


Jamblang / Jamblon


They are little fruits, probably about the same size as an olive and with the same kind of pip inside, of a pinkish purple color while it matures and becoming a very dark purple when ripe.

Jamblang / Jamblon


You have to be careful when handling it as it stains quite easily and may leave you with a purple decorated t-shirt or pocket should you decide to store it there as you pick them up!

You can of course eat the ripe fruits straight from the tree when you pick them up. But the way that I love to eat it is after it has been soaked a little while into salted water.


Jamblang in salted water


Then, the flesh becomes soft and juicy and it just melts in your mouth!


What about you? Have you ever eaten Jamblang before? How do you like it? What fruit did you like eating when you were young?


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