La Pointe Koenig

‘La Pointe Koenig’ at the very end of ‘Les Salines Pilot’ in Rivière Noire is a place I knew well as a child as at the time it was privately owned and I had the opportunity to go there from time to time with my family.


La Tour Koenig


I really have fond memories of the place and some some weird ones too like seeing my first and only UFO! Well now as an adult I do think there’s probably some reasonable and logical explanation to the weird lights we saw that one night, but I still don’t have that explanation. As a child I just know that it scared the h*ll out of me!

I also had the very sore experience of stepping on a ‘piquant loulou’, a thorny branch from a little bush that grows a lot in the area. It has big thorns that grow at diagonally opposed angles and two of these big thorns went straight into my foot  so that if you tried to take one out, the other would sink in. I still shudder when I think about it today.

The building is set in such a way that the kitchen and dinning-lounge area are on the far left and bathroom area on the far right, with the 4 or 5 bedrooms in-between.

There were two cannons outside where we spent hours and hours playing. If I’m not mistaken, only this one is still there nowadays.


Cannons at La Pointe Koenig


Close by, we could also eat a lot of the weird tasting ‘pomme jacquot‘ as there was a tree, often full of them, at proximity. And a little further in the garden, there is also a Martello tower, hidden in the Casuarina trees, just like the one in La Preneuse.


Martello tower of La Pointe Koenig


Another fond memory I have of the place is when we went for walks along the beach looking for things in the sea and on the beach. The water is too shallow for a swim, but there was plenty of weird ‘bêbêtes’ (molluscs, bivalves & fish) that could be found and we had fun finding them. A lot more than what we found when we went to look for some at low tide in Rodrigues.


La Pointe Koenig


From the beach, there is also a nice view of Le Morne mountain. On a very clear day, at dusk mostly, it is also sometimes possible to see Reunion Island, that is some 140 miles away.


La Pointe Koenig


Some of the activities we most enjoyed, our parents did not nearly approve of! We played a lot in the little ‘marshland like’ area that was behind it. We usually had to escape their supervision and run there to feel our feet sink into the gooey, slimy and weird mud texture oozing through our toes!

We also liked climbing the big Tamarind tree in front of the rooms.


Tamarind tree at La Pointe Koenig


Not too long ago, during one of our boat trips in the La Preneuse lagoon we stopped close by to have a look at the place. I was quite saddened to see that it was in a totally abandoned state and in very bad shape. Everything that could be stolen had actually been stolen: from the wooden structures to floor boards, cut stones and even some of the ceramic tiles.


La Pointe Koenig


I guess for this one, I better keep my wonderful memories of the place and let go of the reality…


What about you? Do you also have a place like this one that you are fond of because it holds a lot of childhood memories? Where is that place? What memories do you have there? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. This area you write about is one I have known all of my youth and, of course, it holds a very special place in my heart. It is quite extraordinary that such a lovely and peaceful spot has not held the attention of more people, but perhaps it is just as well, for the very attributes I just mentioned could then be lost for ever. I presume that the Pommes Jacquot were then known as “masons”. Thank you for the lovely photos and your generous comments.

    1. I’m with you on this, I’ve also wondered for a long time how such a beautiful place didn’t attract more attention! But you’re right, it was just as well. Its charm definitely came from the wild surroundings and its solitary confines. Although that is meant to change soon as some new hotel developments now emerge in the area.

      Pomme Jacquot is actually very different from ‘masons’. It is a weird round fruit with an acrid flesh.

      I do remember the ‘masons’ tree at the front, which we loved to pick fruits from, but that would also smell weird and horrible during the blossom season.

      1. Yes Gilles. I am very aware of that. And it’s okay. I hold my precious memories and enjoy revisiting them in my mind, however I don’t believe that places are meant to stay the same year after year after year. Change is inevitable and we also need to learn to go with the flow.

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