Le Canonnier hotel

Last year, we also had the unexpected opportunity to spend a week-end at ‘Le Canonnier’ hotel in the north of the island, where we had the most wonderful time.


Canonnier hotel


We really “played tourists” and stayed at the hotel most of the time, meaning that we didn’t move to explore our surroundings (except for a little trip to Grand Baie La Croisette). It was relaxing and quite nice to be able to disconnect from the daily routine to enjoy some time with the family.

In the mornings, we would wake up early for a wonderful breakfast buffet.


Breakfast buffet


The pool was the main attraction of the day as the children really liked spending time there.


The pool at the Canonnier hotel


Pool at Canonnier hotel


And there have been some excitement by the pool too as a big crab got scared, ran away and ended up in the pool. This created a buzz for quite a while until the poor crab could be taken out and back to the beach.

There was also an aqua-gym session to keep moving a bit and not become completely lethargic!


Canonniers 8


We enjoyed lunch at the Navigator restaurant, while dinner was served in the main restaurant.


The Navigator restaurant


The hotel is really beautiful inside and out.


Canonnier hotel


Of course, lots of cannons all around, to honor the hotel’s name. The hotel has after all been built on an important historical site of our island.


Cannons at the Navigator

Canons at the Canonnier hotel


The kid’s club takes place in a beautiful big old building (seen all lit up below), with a little playground next to it and a smaller old building where, I’m sure, children love to play.


Kids club at the Canonnier hotel


The spa is completely integrated inside a huge banyan tree! If we do come for another visit, I definitely have to treat myself to a nice massage!




The beach is not very big and can get busy and crowded if the hotel is full. Especially in front of the main area of the hotel where the pool and restaurant are.


Canonniers 7

Beach at the Canonnier hotel


It is much calmer on both sides, in front of the rooms.


Beach in front of the rooms


The sea is quite shallow and there’s lots of rocks around. It is still refreshing though to go in for a little dip!


Sea in front of the Canonnier hotel


The Gunner’s Quoin island was of course right in front of us!


Gunner's Quoin island


There is also a little rock island in front of the hotel where we went with the children one afternoon. I called it a pirate’s island and got their imagination going as we played adventurers getting there.

Although it was really really windy once we got there and we didn’t stay on too long.


Rock island


The hotel offers the usual sea activities: pedalos, kayaking, wind-surfing, water-skying, etc. As we had already done some pedalo while we were at the Coin de Mire hotel, this time we decided to go for some kayaking. We had a nice wide area to explore in lagoon this time, which was very nice.


Kayaking at the Canonnier


As we were staying there during the end of the year period, the hotel was wearing it’s most beautiful ornaments. The hotel was lit up everywhere and it was a real pleasure for the eyes. They were actually in the process of installing them during our stay, so we were lucky!


[thethe-image-slider name=”Canonnier”]


And although it was a bit cloudy during our stay, we still enjoyed really stunning sunsets!


Sunset at the Canonnier hotel


I must say that we really had the most relaxing and enjoyable time and that I would definitely come back to take a break again should the opportunity present itself again!


Practical information:

Address: Royal Road, Pointe aux Cannoniers

Phone: 209 7000

Fax: 263 7864

Website: https://www.beachcomber-hotels.com/hotel/le-canonnier

Email: canonnier@bchot.com

Prices: No idea as we were actually invited this time – I’m sure you can request a quote from their website.


Have you stayed at the Canonnier hotel before? How did you enjoy the stay? What other hotels have you stayed at? Share with us in the comments below.


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