Le Chamarel restaurant

If you want a restaurant that will take your breath away. This is the one to go to!

It is found somewhere in the middle of the very sinuous road of Chamarel.

We have had the opportunity to go there on various occasions: friends’ wedding, family lunches & an event celebration, and the breathtaking view is as amazing every single time.

From the restaurant’s balcony, you can see a wide portion of the west coast in one go: From Le Morne mountain on the far left…


Le Chamarel restaurant


…to La Tourelle on the far right.

Le Chamarel restaurant


At the time of my last visit, I didn’t have my present camera unfortunately, which makes panoramas so easy. I still attempted to create one from a video I did at the time. Not the greatest… but it still gives you an idea of the magnificent view.


Le Chamarel restaurant


I must say that every-time we’ve been there we have received a very warm welcome from the personnel and they were very attentive to our needs.


Le Chamarel restaurant


The food is of course amazing, even if a little on the expensive side. You will find some very nice Mauritian dishes on the menu as well as European ones.

You might need to reserve a table to be on the safe side, especially on week-ends where it can be a little busy.


Practical Information:

Address: La Crête, Chamarel main road, Chamarel

Tel: 483 6421 / 483 6937

Fax: 483 5449

Website: http://le-chamarel.restaurant.mu/

Opening hours: Everyday from noon to 3pm (no dinner service, although they may open on request for dinner or events with a minimum of 50 people)

Reservations: Advised on week-ends & public holidays


What about you? Have you been to Le Chamarel restaurant before? What did you think of it? Do you have a favorite restaurant where you can not only enjoy the food, but also the scenery?



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