Lunch at the Blue Marine hotel

A couple of week-ends ago, we decided to pick a destination at random and drive there.

We picked Cap Malheureux and were off to the north.

It allowed us to take the new motorway, which my husband hadn’t experienced yet by day. Quite a beautiful road in the mountains I must say.

Once in Cap Malheureux, we of course, stopped to take a photograph of the very famous little chapel of ‘Notre Dame Saint Auxiliaire’ with its bright red roof.


Chapelle Notre Dame Saint Auxiliaire


We then hesitated between going to one of the beaches and have a snack there or find a nice little hotel to have lunch.

We opted for the second option and drove towards Anse La Raie.

We first stopped at the Paradise Cove, but unfortunately they didn’t accept children in their hotel.

We considered leaving the children on the beach while we would be having a quiet lunch (kidding!) but they didn’t quite appreciate that idea as much as we did!

Note to myself: A destination to keep in mind for a romantic week-end in the future!

We carried on driving up to the Blue Marine hotel.


The Blue Marine hotel


The road leading to the hotel is bordered with young coconut trees. Love it.


The Blue Marine hotel


As we were guided to the restaurant, we passed through the beautiful and very green pathways.


The beautiful gardens of the Blue Marine hotel

The restaurant itself is quite cozy and comfortable.


The restaurant of the Blue Marine Hotel


The lunch was a buffet and self service. So we helped ourselves to the juices, salads, platters and deserts offered.

Unfortunately they didn’t allow us to enjoy the pool area afterwards which would have been quite nice to relax for an hour or so before heading back.

We had a quick walk in the gardens and were able to take in the view.


Blue Marine hotel


To finish the day, we stopped at the Anse La Raie beach next to the hotel and enjoyed a couple of hours there.


Anse La Raie beach


Then it was time to head back after a full and pleasant day away from home.


What about you? Do you know the Blue Marine hotel? Where do you go to enjoy a nice lunch in that area?


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