Ocean Basket

On our way to a movie at Bagatelle, a couple of weeks ago, we stopped to eat at Ocean Basket. I had heard lots of great things about it, so I thought we’d try it out…


Ocean Basket


I wasn’t disappointed!!! The food was really, really nice! If you are a sea food lover, I completely recommend that you give it a try next time you’re around. I didn’t taste the calamari as I’m not fan of it but my husband did enjoy it and we both found the prawns and the fish tasty and yummy!


Food at Ocean Basket


To entertain us, and to my son’s enjoyment, there was a clown on stilts close to our eating table. He was probably there as part of some advertising strategy but we never really understood what he was promoting. He was holding onto the wooden structure above him for dear life!!


Clown on stilts



Have you eaten at Ocean Basket before? What was it like? Would you go back there? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. What a Shame!!! I’m so disappointed, as they refused to serve me caus’ I was accompanied by 3 kids who have ordered next door. I had a talk with the restaurant manager to explain the situation but he didn’t want to understand that being wz my kids, I could not eat alone and leave them in another restaurant.

    You may find it stupid but I’m use to better service. Being in tourism industry…I will suggest the Flying Dodo, to my clients. They are so helpful, rapid and the food is excellent.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Michele. It’s unfortunate that it was not possible for you to eat there with your children even though they had meals from another place.

      We went to the Flying Dodo recently, and I agree, it was really a very nice experience. Did they let your children eat with you over there? That does surprise me, but if they did that was very nice of them.

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