‘La case en tole’


Today I’d like to feature a friend of mine who, like me, loves to wander around and discover her island.

Caroline Hardy always has her camera with her and takes great pictures wherever she goes.

I really like her pictures because it brings out the authenticity of Mauritius as I like it!

One of her albums that particularly caught my eye was one with old houses and shops. I think they are really full of character and represent the Mauritius ‘Lé temps lontan!’ (from old times).

Here are some of these photos:





Very old building


Old building


House en 'tolle'


Black River Post Office


Is there any old buildings you particularly like? What does it represent for you? Share with us in the comments below!


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  1. i am actually working on vintage buildings in mauritius can you pls forward me information and photos
    related to my project

    Thank you

  2. start photography at age of 7,dad bought a Brownie Kodak no 2 in 1941 ,taken many photos and work at mun council of p/louis during 40 yrs ,teach photography during 23 yrs .many exibition [port luois hier/aujourdhui,vestiges/vertiges .albums as [la caze lapaille] metiers disparus,caleches/charettes.la caze creoles,la boutiques chinois,formes des racines,enfants lontan,and many others.a collection of about 300 cameras and accessories dated 1850,daguerrotype and cinematography. ** link removed by admin **

  3. HI I love the photos you have taken. I was born in Mauritius and left to live in Uk since the age of 9′ I am now in my fifties and have bought a small piece of land. Although most people are building modern houses nowadays, I would like to build a house made of timber and “tolls”, with wooden shutters as Windows. That would bring back my memories of my childhood. Using it as a holiday home would be a dream come true.
    Do you know of any architect who can design such a house please.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Thank you for nice comment about the photos! :)

      I’m sure a timber and ‘tolle’ Mauritian-looking house would look lovely, especially next to the concrete modern houses. I do think most Mauritian architects probably would have a feel of what you are looking for. I would suggest to research some Mauritian architects and contact them to see what they suggest.

      Wishing you all the best with your project!

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