Only in Mauritius – part 1

While I move around the island, I often encounter things that make me smile or even ‘laugh out loud’! So I thought I would share them with you to brighten your day too. :)


Ladder-tree or tree-ladder?

Those coconuts are not always easy to gather. Here is a clever way to get to them!


Coconut ladder tree


Would that be a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme?

Translation: ‘comptine’ in french is a nursery rhyme while ‘cantine’ is a canteen.

Transformed canteen


Mmmh… So where do they sell those sheep without legs!

Translated literally ‘mouton sur pattes’ means sheep on legs. If anyone knows what it really means, please let me know.


Mouton sur pattes



What a nice and friendly way to do business!!!


Friendly boat business


Quand z├ębu, z’ai plus soif! :)

I don’t see any zebu ox for sale on this farm. And the sheep here have legs too!! :)


Ferme Zebu


Creative flower pot

Now how did that tree get there!


Tree in wheel


No swimming

Thanks! Were it not for the sign, I might just have had a little dip in the muddy water with the crocodiles! :)


No swimming with the crocodiles


No comment

This one is a screen-shot taken from my analytics while I was checking the keywords people used when they found my website. I laughed so much I had to keep that one.

Number 10 means (in a nice language!) “To sit down to do your big business!”. Now who the heck searches that on the internet and why. I still wonder today! :)


No comment


I hope that you did smile and laugh with me. I’ve titled this one part 1 as I do hope I’ll collect some more gems for a part 2 in the future.

If you do encounter some things that makes you smile while you visit the island, send them here and I’ll include them in a future post.

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