“Pistache Bouie”

There are two times where I appreciate eating ‘pistache bouie’, one is after a day at the races and the other is on a Sunday in the late afternoon. I suppose this, once again, goes back to my childhood when we use to have them most often.


Boiled peanuts


What we call ‘pistache’ here in Mauritius are not the pistachios, but peanuts. We should actually say ‘cacahuète’ which is it’s proper french name, but we don’t. Go figure.

I saw some at the market some months ago and decided to buy them, even though I had no idea how they were actually cooked, but I figured that boiling some peanuts couldn’t be that difficult.

To make sure I got it right, I did ask for some help from my followers on our facebook page and I thank those that did lend me a hand.

Although I still needed to figure out how long to cook them for as the time range varied from people to people, from as little as 20 mins to as much as an hour and a half.

So I just went for it and tested it out! My first trial was a bit undercooked and was not salty enough.

Since then, I perfected my skills and I now have perfect, soft and salty boiled peanuts to enjoy!


Boiled peanuts


So for those of you, who are like me, and wonder how to do it, here’s how:

First, wash the peanuts. Most of the time they will be really dirty.

Second, cover them with water and add some salt… and then add some more salt! It does need a lot of salt.


Boiled peanuts

Third, put it on the stove and let it cook for about 40 to 50 minutes. I use a pressure cooker, you might want to let it cook a bit more if it is in a regular saucepan. After that time I take it out and check, if it does require some more cooking I put it back on the stove some more.

And voilà! Fourth, let it cool down, sit down and enjoy!


Boiled peanuts


Mmmh! This post made me want to eat boiled peanuts now! May be I’ll go buy some …even though it’s not Sunday!


How about you? Do you like eating boiled peanuts? Do you buy them from street vendors or do you cook them yourself? Share with us in the comments below.


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