“Pomme Jacquot”


The ‘pomme Jacquot’ (mimusops coriacea) is a smallish round fruit that I used to love eating as a child.


Pomme Jacquot


I remember spending hours with friends on these trees eating plenty of these fruits one after the other.

Pomme Jacquot


Nowadays… mmmh, not so much!! I tasted some when we stayed at ‘La Vieille CheminĂ©e‘ in Chamarel and although it was great to remind myself of childhood memories, I didn’t quite feel like eating more than one.

The fruit’s skin is a bit hard. To open it up, you just have to squeeze it between your fingers. From the skin, there is sometimes milky spots coming through that is best to avoid.


Pomme Jacquot


The flesh is a bit sticky and has quite a particular taste that I cannot quite define. It does leave a funny feel to the mouth.


Pomme Jacquot


Have you seen this fruit before? Did you taste it? How did you like it? Share with us in the comments below.


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  1. The Minusops coriacea tree seems to be endemic to the Mascarene Islands and is to be found mainly close to the coast. The monkey’s apple flesh does have a rather peculiar taste and sticky texture. You were quite brave to eat a whole one ! LOL As a kid, Iike all good monkeys, I enjoyed it. When, some 20 years later, I came across such trees (close to Andrea Lodges, on the South coast cliffs) and felt like tasting a “Pom Zako” ( creole name) again, I had one small bite and that was it. Not even sure that I kept it in my mouth.

    1. LOL!! Yes, it does have a pretty weird taste!

      I actually thought that it came from Madagascar… Could be mistaken though.

  2. For a whole year I have been trying to find out the name of this fruit. It looked like a large Loquat family member. However with help I was given this name to research it under and now I will pick some in October when they will be yellow. I found this tree on the Island of Bermuda and wanted to know if I can make jam with it? I have not tasted It just pulled it apart as shown in this research picture. Does it taste like pineapple? Does anyone have a jam recipe or other for it’s use. Thanks for a reply.

    1. No, I wouldn’t say that it tastes like a pineapple… but the taste is actually quite difficult to describe. It’s very particular.

      I have never heard of jam from these fruits, and I’m really not sure how it would work out. But hey, I would try it out and see if it comes up to something worthwhile! :)

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