Sponsor your article


Having been approached by some companies wondering if Discover Mauritius Island would ever do an article on their place and/or activities, we decided to introduce “sponsored posts” to our website.

With so many accommodation facilities on the island as well as visits and activities to do, we came to the realization that we would never be able to have the physical time to experience them all, nor would we have the finances to do so, therefore sponsored articles seemed the logical way to go.


Why would you want an article on our website?

DiscoverMauritiusIsland will give you access to a highly targeted group of people who already have an interest in Mauritius and the services it has to offer, and hence in the accommodation, visit or activity you provide. They therefore already have a potential interest in YOUR product/service when they read about you on our website.

Through our newsletter, readers come back to our website often allowing repeated exposure to your article.

Our website is optimized for Search Engines and many of our pages and blog posts are ranked on Google’s first page for their chosen keywords. YOUR product/service will thus be exposed to new visitors everyday.

We are actively engaging our visitors through social media which keeps them interested and ‘in the loop’ concerning current events, promotions and activities that may arise.


What benefits would you receive from a sponsored article?

By sponsoring your article, you would guarantee that your place/activity is written about and promoted on our website and social media channels in a timely manner. We commit to publish and promote your article not more than a month after our visit to your establishment.

You may also provide us with any information that you deem necessary or that you would want to appear on the page. Even though the content and photographs published stay completely at our discretion, we will try to include as much of this information as possible.

Having experienced your services first hand, it will be easier for us to talk about it and share our experience with our social followers on facebook, twitter & pinterest.


What article to expect?

The article, for a sponsored post or page, will be written in the same format as all the other pages of the website, as an account of the time we spent at your place and how we appreciated it.

The only added feature will be a note on the top right of the article, in smaller characters, with the mention: “This is a sponsored post.”. This note will be linked to the explanations of what a sponsored post is and how it works.

The article may be a blog post or a static page. This will be determined by us, according to our website criteria.

Once the article is published, it will be promoted in the same manner as any of our regular posts and pages.

Even though the article is sponsored by you, we will retain the right to remain objective and write about the things we liked as well as the ones we didn’t like. You may notice however on the existing articles that Discover Mauritius Island usually focuses mostly on the positive aspects of our visits rather than the negative ones.


How to sponsor a page?

To sponsor your article you will need to gift us (2 people) a way to experience your place/product/service. If this is not possible (for example if you would like to promote a book or yourself), a monetary fee will be then discussed.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship of your article, fill in the form here.

We will get back to you no longer than 48 hours after receiving your submitted form and make the necessary arrangements from then on.


Looking forward to feature your place or activity on our website!