Star fruit

A little while ago, I was having a conversation with someone about all the different fruits that we used to eat as children.

During that conversation, I mentioned that I hadn’t eaten any star fruit (Carambole) in a while.

The following week, I had two beautiful star fruits waiting in my kitchen! What a nice surprise.


Star fruit


The star fruit takes it’s name from the star shape it has when cut across its cross-section.


Star fruit


I was very quick to take a knife and cut a section of it to taste.

It’s better to eat these when they are ripe as otherwise they can be quite tart. When ripe, they are usually very juicy and fresh.

The ones I had were a little too ripe though and not so juicy anymore. It was still very nice and brought back lots of childhood memories.

Apparently star fruits are very nice when pickled or even dried, but I haven’t tasted them like that yet.


What about you? Did you ever taste star fruit before? How did you like it? What is your favorite tropical fruit?


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