The Caudan Waterfront by day and by night

We don’t go to the Caudan Waterfront all that often.

However, when we do go there for some shopping, to grab something to eat or for a movie, it is a place I quite like as it’s always busy with people, without being too crowded.


Caudan by day


Being there during the day gives you a nice perspective on Port Louis…


The Caudan Waterfront


…and of the harbor. A couple of years ago we came to see the Chinese Festival celebration here and they had a boat race in the harbor that was quite entertaining.


Harbour from Caudan Waterfront


My favorites, to stop for a bite, are pizzas at the Sunset Café, dim sums at Grand Ocean City or a platter of steak and chips at the Keg & Marlin, which is more on the Port-Louis waterfront side.

On our last visit, I did notice a floating restaurant that seemed quite appealing, but I’m not sure if it is a permanent structure or not. (edit: from one of my readers, apparently it is)


Floating restaurant at the Caudan Waterfront


On land, the feature that always attracts my eyes is the Casino and its entrance in the shape of an old wooden vessel.


Casino of the Caudan Waterfront


By day, you will also come across PEM and his wood sculptures…


Pem's wood sculptures


… usually somewhere between the Labourdonnais hotel and the Blue Penny museum.


Labourdonnais hotel


And I specially love walking back to the car along the harbor to see the different boats docked there.


Boat docked at the Caudan Waterfront


Caudan by night


At night, the mood changes! Temperatures are cooler and it’s all about the lighting.

Port Louis shines into the harbor.


Lights at the Caudan Waterfront


The Casino is all glitz and glamor.


Casino at the Caudan Waterfront


The Blue Penny museum is crowned with light.


Blue Penny Museum by night


And the docked boats are all set up for the night.


The Caudan Waterfront


And to end this post, I cannot not share with you this you tube video filmed at the Caudan. I came across it a while back and had lots of fun watching it. So here is the Gangnam-Mauritian style at the Caudan Waterfront!



What about you? Did you come to the Caudan before? What do you come here for? What is your favorite restaurant? Do you prefer the Caudan by day or by night? Share with us in the comments below.


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